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10 Affirmations Teen Boys Can Say To Themselves To Boost Self-Esteem

Boys need reassurance and support too. These affirmations will help boost their self-esteem.

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What NOT To Do When Your Daughter Has Her First Period

These things can happen with the best intentions, but it is important to be aware of the harm they can cause. 

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10 Healthy Snacks Even The Pickiest Teens Will Approve Of

Take what they already do like, and just tweak it to make it a bit healthier.

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10 Driving Distractions That Teens Need To Avoid

Parents have to have conversations with their children about distracted driving and more.

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How To Call Out Your Tween When They Disrespect You

How to effectively and empathetically address tweens when they're being disrespectful.

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Clues Your Teen Has Found Their Career Path

How to know when your teen has found their true calling.

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How To Help Kids Break Free From Instant Gratification

Giving up instant gratification is necessary to create and achieve meaningful, long-term goals.

10 Non-Disciplinary Approaches To Correcting Tween’s Behavior

The tween years can be brutal. One minute a mother is looking at her 'seemingly' little child, the next they are getting a teenage type attitude

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How To Encourage A Tween Boy To Stop Gaming & Get Outside

Removing children from gaming altogether is not the goal here. Finding a balance between time spent on their devices and time spent away from them

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10 After-School Clubs For High School Boys Who Are Intellectuals

Extracurricular activities after school can also teach life skills that aren't always taught at home or in school.

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How To Get Your Teen Son Excited About Creating A Bucket List With You As A Single Mom

Single mothers looking to strengthen their bond with their teenage son, might consider making a bucket list with them.

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Online Inappropriate Behaviors Aimed At Children Are More Common Than We Think

This goes against the common stereotype of a person who would lure children online.

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Birthday Party Ideas For A TikTok-Loving Tween

Gen Z may be the most involved on TikTok, but as it's grown in popularity, people from all age groups have joined in.

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Teens With ADHD Not Reporting A Low Quality Of Life

Those who have ADHD and who are 14 and 15 years old do not appear to have a low quality of life, despite the challenges that they face.

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Are Dating Apps Safe For Teens?

Connecting with someone who interests them on these apps may seem like fun or, exciting for teens. However, it can also pose some potential risks

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What To Do When Teen's Party Get Busted While You Are Out Of Town

This is probably a fear of many teen parents, they go out of town and their kid has a party. Not only that, but the cops came too.

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A Teenage Girl's Diet Could Impact Her Menstrual Pain

A teenage girl’s diet could impact her odds of experiencing pain during their menstrual cycle.

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What Children Need To Experience A Happy Childhood

Parents want the best for their children and their happiness means everything to them.

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How To Prepare A Gullible Tween For The Real World

Parents of tweens have to begin preparing their child for the real world as they become more independent.

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How Socioeconomic Status Affects Parenting & Child Development

Socioeconomic Status can refer to education, and to what level one can achieve goals, employment, or job prestige.