Raising a girl is not always easy, and while there are some moms out there who think that raising girls is harder than raising boys, they really are just different. They have their own challenges and struggles, and it is important that mom knows how to handle the challenges that come with raising a girl.

Puberty is something that happens to both boys and girls, but it affects each of them differently. Boys deal with a voice changing and getting taller, and girls have to deal with some hormonal issues and their first period.

A girl getting her period for the first time can be overwhelming. It can be scary for the girl, and it can be intimidating for the mom who has to help her daughter navigate this big change that is happening to her body. Mom may have been preparing for this day for a while now, but there are always certain things that she should not do.

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We are going to look at some things that mom definitely does not want to do when her daughter gets her first period. These things can happen with the best intentions, but it is important to be aware of the harm they can cause.

Don’t Be A Drama Mama

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While this is a big change in your child’s life, and some see it as a sign that they are growing up, you don’t want to be dramatic about it. According to Menstrupedia, it is important to not have an extreme reaction. You don’t want to tell the whole neighborhood that your daughter “is now a woman,” and it can be overwhelming when mom has an over-the-top reaction. Staying cool, calm, and collected is the best way to just normalize that this is a part of life.

Don’t Be Afraid

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Now is not the time to be modest and shy with your daughter, she needs your help. According to Parents, you want to be very hands-on with what you are teaching your daughter, and this is true when it comes to supplies. Go through every option with her, and don’t assume that she will want to use what you do. Show her how to use them, and don’t be afraid to be hands-on and detailed in your description. Education is the best defense to make sure your girl knows and is comfortable with what she is doing.

Don’t Lie

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Now is not the time for little white lies to make you both more comfortable. According to Pop Sugar, you now want to tell her the truth. Explain what is happening to her body, and why. Talk about what this will mean for the future, and how she can use it to keep track of her health.

If you have not already had the “sex” talk, now may be the time to do so. As we stated earlier, education is key and this is the best way to normalize periods and make your daughter know that there is nothing wrong with her, or her body.

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