Christmas tree on floor with toddler 1
How To Toddler-Proof A Christmas Tree

No one wants to see their Christmas decor ruined or fall on top of their toddlers. Here are tips to keep your toddler safe and your Christmas tree.

child chewing on jacket 1
Why Your Child Keeps Chewing On Their Shirt

Want to break your child's shirt-chewing habit or maybe just save their clothes? Here are tips.

mom giving son bath 1
10 Tips For Teaching Your Kids How To Bathe Themselves

Eventually, kids need to know how to properly wash themselves. Here are tips.

Expert Offers Tips On How To Make Sure Children Are Resilient After Falls 1
10 Valid Reasons Your Child Should Cry When They Get Hurt

While mom may try to “play it tough” for them, we have 10 reasons why children should cry when they get hurt. 

14 Things Toddlers Say That Are So Pointless (But Not Really)

We've all heard these phrases or at least most of them. Toddlers say the silliest things, but they may have more meaning behind them.

self regulation 1
How Scaffolding May Help Kids Self-Regulate

Self-regulation is a skill that children need to be taught and practiced. Parents can coach kids through tough situations.

creative play 1
Less Toys, More Imagination: Kids Are Naturally Creative

Toys are fun, and they do serve a purpose; but equally important is being intentional about the number of toys our children have.

Two teenagers playing video games 1
How To Help Kids Break Free From Instant Gratification

Giving up instant gratification is necessary to create and achieve meaningful, long-term goals.

toddler girl playing with toy 1
Why Attachment Toys Are Serious To Toddlers

Is your child overly attached to a toy or object? It's totally normal - here's why.

Robot Vacuum Cleaning 1
Why Your Child's Secure Attachment Is More Important Than A Clean House

Do you ever feel torn between catching up on chores and being present with your little one? Experts say that the dishes can wait.

Screen-Time 1
How Kids Can Learn Social Skills From Screen Time

Specialists and researchers are now paying closer attention to the kinds of content kids are consuming on their devices.

School Start Times Have Little Impact On Younger Children

Science is now confirming that it is fine to move start times for older students to help them achieve their best.

Halloween 1
16 Halloween YouTube Clips From Preschoolers' Favorite Shows

For parents looking for some cute Halloween clips including their preschoolers favorite characters, look no further!

Time-Out 1
Time-Outs Explained By Experts

Some parents use time-outs when their child does something they shouldn't or says something they shouldn't. Likewise, some parents don't use them.

studiofun-blippi 1
11 Best Blippi Videos Your Toddler Will Love To Watch Again

Steven John's Blippi character first came on the youtube scene in 2014. He has made countless educational videos for kids on a vast variety of things.

Catchy Clean-Up Songs For Preschoolers

Clean-up songs can motivate kids to tidy up their mess without their mom losing her mind.

Three-Year-Olds: Everything You Need To Know From Behavior To Developmental Needs

It is important to remember that every child develops at their own pace, and these are just averages for three-year-olds.

cooking games 1
10 Cooking Games To Keep Kids Entertained

Parents who are letting kids take part in cooking may not realize this, but they are opening the door to a lot of benefits for their children.

woman hugging child on birthday 1
10 Birthday Party Ideas For A Child Who Has No Friends Because They Haven't Started School Yet

Planning a birthday party for a child who hasn't started school yet might seem strange, because they haven't had an opportunity to meet any classmates

How To Help Your Toddler Resist Future Peer Pressure

When a toddler is in a home with clear rules and boundaries, they have a clear understanding of what is right and wrong.