When our children are young, and running around the house, it is hard to imagine a time when there is no screaming, loud music, or little mouths asking for snacks all day. However, that day comes for almost every mom out there. The day when your child is older, and they leave the nest.

This could be when they go away to college, or when they get a career and find a place of their own to live. This could even start to happen when they are teenagers, and they are spending more time out of the house. The quiet will descend on mom, and it can be a hard period of adjustment.

Mom has spent the better part of her life taking care of these children, and that has become her purpose in life, and now that they are gone, she has to rediscover herself. This can take a toll on her mental health, but the best way to work around it is to find some new hobbies/activities that she can do. This can help fill her time, take her mind off the quiet house, and help her discover who she is all over again, and we have 10 of them that are perfect.

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10 Volunteer

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While some moms go back to work when their children are older, that is not the case for all moms, and this may be the best time to start volunteering. According to Jane At Home, mom can consider volunteering with an organization, or even with an elderly neighbor whom she knows needs some help. This can help her find purpose again.

9 Cooking Class

Every mom has interests that she puts aside to take care of her children, and now is the chance to explore them even more. Even though it may seem odd to take cooking classes when your children are not there to cook for, this is the time to take those cooking classes. You don’t have children interrupting you, or picky eaters to contend with.

8 Think Crafty

Woman Sewing
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If you are a crafty person and have a million projects that you have always meant to start, now is the chance. You can take up sewing, knitting, and cross stitching, there are so many options out there for a mom who has some time on her hands. Thanks to technology, there are tons of lessons online if mom wants to self-teach.

7 Blogging

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The whole world seems to take place online now, and this may be a perfect time to start a blog. A blog is an online journal, and if mom is now an empty-nester, that means she has some experience, and she can share her stories, advice, and struggles to help other moms out there.

6 Go Back To College

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Now this one may not be for everyone, but it can really help keep you busy and get you out of the house. According to Arag Legal, mom should consider taking a class at her local college. She doesn’t need to take a full course, but a lot of colleges offer elective courses, and she may be able to find one that interests her.

5 Hobbies That Grow

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When mom is trying to think of a hobby that she can really grow, she may want to think about photography. Mom can take some classes, and then she can get out there and practice. This is a hobby that can keep her busy all throughout the year, and she may even be able to sell some of her pictures.

4 A Hobby That Gets You Out

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One of the biggest problems for moms whose children have left home is the loneliness that can come with it, so mom needs to find a hobby that lets her meet new people.

This could be anything from yoga, to picking up a sport she likes. It gets her out of the house, and she will meet other people that she can be friends with. She may even find some fellow empty nesters to have coffee with.

3 Gardening

A Woman Sitting By a Plant
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A big part of parenting is taking care of something, and watching it blossom and grow, so why not take that passion and turn it into a gardening hobby?

According to Mom In The Six, gardening is a great hobby for a mom who needs something to care for. In the summer, she can garden outside, and the winter can be for indoor gardening.

2 Jewelry

Jewelry Maker
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Jewelry making is not only fun, but it gives you a chance to explore your creative side. This can be to either make pieces for you or to sell to others. This is a great way to get out some creativity, and if you can find a group in your area, you can get together and make jewelry together.

1 Cleaning

Woman mom cleaning
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Now, we know what they say and cleaning is not always a hobby for everyone, but this could be your chance. With no kids in the house, you can really get into your house and clear out items, give it a good declutter, and take the time to redecorate your home and get it ready for the new you.

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