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10 Affirmations Teen Boys Can Say To Themselves To Boost Self-Esteem

Boys need reassurance and support too. These affirmations will help boost their self-esteem.

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10 Healthy Snacks Even The Pickiest Teens Will Approve Of

Take what they already do like, and just tweak it to make it a bit healthier.

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10 Driving Distractions That Teens Need To Avoid

Parents have to have conversations with their children about distracted driving and more.

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Clues Your Teen Has Found Their Career Path

How to know when your teen has found their true calling.

 Stop Gaming & Get Outside  1
How To Encourage A Tween Boy To Stop Gaming & Get Outside

Removing children from gaming altogether is not the goal here. Finding a balance between time spent on their devices and time spent away from them

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10 After-School Clubs For High School Boys Who Are Intellectuals

Extracurricular activities after school can also teach life skills that aren't always taught at home or in school.

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Birthday Party Ideas For A TikTok-Loving Tween

Gen Z may be the most involved on TikTok, but as it's grown in popularity, people from all age groups have joined in.

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Are Dating Apps Safe For Teens?

Connecting with someone who interests them on these apps may seem like fun or, exciting for teens. However, it can also pose some potential risks

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What To Do When Teen's Party Get Busted While You Are Out Of Town

This is probably a fear of many teen parents, they go out of town and their kid has a party. Not only that, but the cops came too.

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Why Childhood Sports May Help Kids Succeed In Life

When kids are in sports, especially high school sports, there is a lot of responsibility needed.

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Stop Negotiating With Your Teen With These Tips

Parents may want to consider other options versus the constant nagging, negotiating, and/or authoritative response.

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Differences Between Organic & Regular Pads Or Tampons

There are quite a few differences between organic and regular pads and tampons.

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Scary Halloween Party Games For Tweens & Teens

When our kids get to be tweens and teens, they may not be as into trick-or-treating or carving pumpkins.

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Managing Periods: Tips For Girls With ADHD

Hormonal imbalance, swelling, cramps, a girl going through it can't, not notice it. For girls also dealing with ADHD it can be especially difficult

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Tips For Helping Your Child With ADHD Drive Safely

The thought of a teenager driving is pretty nerve-wracking as it is, adding in ADHD might make parents even more nervous

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Selfies & Self-Esteem: What They’re Doing To Teens

There are a lot of things parents should know about how selfies impact teenagers.

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What Teens Hear When Mom’s Lecturing (If They’re Listening At All)

When teens feel they are constantly being talked at, they likely are not listening to what is being said at all.

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How To Help Your High Schooler Navigate New Classes, Stress & Teachers

As much as teens want independence, they still need help from their parents to know how to navigate the uncharted waters they face in high school.

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What To Do When Your Tween Is Addicted To Mature Content

Mature content is something not many people talk about, despite the rampant infestation among adolescents.

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10 Cool Fall Ideas For Girls Who Love Crafting

There are lots of fall themed crafts parents can make with their daughters.