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10 Healthy Snacks Even The Pickiest Teens Will Approve Of

Take what they already do like, and just tweak it to make it a bit healthier.

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Why Many Kids Don't Eat Seafood & How To Implement It In Their Diet

When kids meals are offered, or a kid friendly recipe is offered, it's not likely that either will have seafood included in them.

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11 Halloween Activities To Do At Home

Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating candy.

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10 Sweet & Simple Mason Jar Snack Ideas For Kids

Mason jars make for an amazing space for pre-made snacks because everything from sweet to savory can be contained in one space.

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10 Scrumptious Desserts That Will Have Kids Grinning From Ear To Ear

Kids love desserts! As such, tempt their tastebuds from time to time with sweets they are sure to love.

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10 Iron-Rich Foods That Improve Kids' Health

The list is vast and diverse, so there is bound to be something on here for even the pickiest eater.

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10 Cooking Games To Keep Kids Entertained

Parents who are letting kids take part in cooking may not realize this, but they are opening the door to a lot of benefits for their children.

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10 Sandwiches Tweens Can Make On Their Own For Lunch

There is no need for tweens to rely on PB&J for lunch. There are plenty of better options for sandwiches that they can make themselves.

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10 Cupcake Recipes Tweens Can Make Themselves

Great cupcake recipes from scratch do not need to be difficult. In fact, some are simple enough for tweens to make on their own.

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10 Birthday Party Ideas For The Adventurous Child

Birthday parties are such a huge occasion these days. No more are the days of going out for pizza with a few friends.

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10 Sweet Snacks For Kids Craving Sugar After School

While mom doesn’t mind them having a snack before dinner, she definitely wants it to be a healthier snack. Here are some sweet options.

McDonald's Happy Meal 'Halloween Buckets' From The 90's Are Coming Back!

Just a reminder that adults are allowed to buy happy meals

Switch To Tea, Moms! It Could Save Your Life

A new study found that drinking tea daily can reduce the risk of dying young.

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10 Things Your Teen Wants You To Know When They Have An Eating Disorder

When a parent suspects something is off about their child, it can be alarming to find out it is an eating disorder

If Parents Can't Afford Fun Trips, They Replace Them With Unhealthy Food 1
If Parents Can't Afford Fun Trips, They Replace Them With Unhealthy Food

When parents are not able to afford social activities for their children, like a play center, they will be more driven to compensate with treats.

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Creating Healthier Eating Habits For The Mom Who Survives On Wine & Her Kids' Leftovers

80% of what mom eats every day should be nutritious, but the 20% can be whatever else she ends up eating.

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10 First-Day-Of-School Lunch Ideas For Hungry Tummies

Feeling stumped with what to make for school lunches? Try some of these ideas to both fill tummies and make tastebuds dance on the first day of school

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Opting For Full-Fat Diary Products Will Help Reduce This Illness In The Future

Even though it seems to be a healthier option for families, mom may either want to make the switch back to full-fat or limit low-fat foods.

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10 Breakfast Smoothies For Kids Going Back To School

Get the morning started off right with a delicious breakfast smoothie!