It is Christmastime again, and that means that families are making plans, and the Christmas trees are coming back out. Whether mom has a fake or a real tree, she needs a way to make sure it stays protected. This can be challenging when mom has a toddler running around. A few safety tips for the Christmas season are always good to read just in case.

Toddlers are little balls of energy, and they are very curious, and this can be a recipe for a disaster when it comes to Christmas trees. They may want to play with the ornaments, grab the lights, or see what happens if they can knock the tree down. All of this means a frustrated mom who has to rearrange the tree multiple times a day and contemplates just getting rid of it altogether.

However, Christmas does not have to be ruined by a toddler who is focused on destroying the tree. There are some things that mom can do to “toddler-proof” her Christmas tree, and make sure that her toddler leaves it alone. These may not be guaranteed to work, but we are throwing in a few so that mom has some ideas to try.

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The Simplest Idea

Sometimes, the best ideas are the ones that don’t take much thought, and this may be the case here. According to Fatherly, you can put up a gate around your tree. If you have the space, put your tree in a corner, and place a gate around it. This could be a baby gate/fence that you make work, or there is a market for tree gates now (thanks to all the toddlers out there), and it may be a great way to keep toddlers (and pets) away from the tree.

Get Them Involved

toddler hanging Christmas tree ornament
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According to First Cry Parenting, a good way to deter toddlers from messing with the tree is to give them a purpose. Have them help you where they can, and this may fill their curiosity. Have them help hang some soft ornaments, or even get them their own mini tree that they can play around with. They can hang their own decorations, and they are free to move them around as they wish.

There are even markets for felt trees that mom sticks on the wall that have other felt ornaments that they can stick to the tree. Anything mom can do to make sure her toddler has an outlet for their curiosity.

Be Proactive

Christmas tree bells
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If you have tried everything, and you still cannot keep your toddler away from the tree, there are things you can do to make sure that it is safe. According to Today’s Parent, find some Christmas ornaments that have a lot of bells on them, and place them on the lower branches. This way, you will know when your toddler is in the tree because you will hear the jingle bells.

Mom also wants to make sure that she is not placing anything on the tree that is breakable, or that she values. Those glass family heirloom ornaments may have to wait a few years before coming out.

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