Christmas tree on floor with toddler 1
How To Toddler-Proof A Christmas Tree

No one wants to see their Christmas decor ruined or fall on top of their toddlers. Here are tips to keep your toddler safe and your Christmas tree.

Reasons "Stranger Danger" Isn't Helping To Protect Kids

We have 10 reasons why parents may want to refrain from saying this phrase to their children. 

self regulation 1
How Scaffolding May Help Kids Self-Regulate

Self-regulation is a skill that children need to be taught and practiced. Parents can coach kids through tough situations.

During Concussion Recovery Some Screen Time Is Actually Better Than None 1
During Concussion Recovery Some Screen Time Is Actually Better Than None

The researchers stated that this study shows that previous recommendations to avoid all screens may not be the best for children.

Kids In School Playing Tackle Football 1
Ending Football Drills For High School Students Could Make The Sport Safer

Teenagers are still developing, and head injuries need to be avoided at all costs.

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Children's Firearm Accidents Most Likely To Occur At Home

A study has found that most unintentional firearm injuries among children are happening in their homes.

Child In Helmet 1
Injuries In Children From "Helmet-Required" Activities Rose During Pandemic

Children sustained injuries during the pandemic while they were playing sports that usually require a helmet.

What To Look For When Buying A Booster Seat For An Older Child 1
What To Look For When Buying A Booster Seat For An Older Child

When they are young, they are typically in a 5-point car seat, but as they get older, this changes.

Teenagers Driving With Phones In Hands More Than We Think 1
Teenagers Driving With Phones In Hands More Than We Think

Teenagers drive with a phone in their hand during 30% of the time, and they are speeding 40% of the time.

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Research Has Found Driving Forces Of Vaccine Hesitancy Among Parents

As of late September 2022, only 31% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 had their COVID-19 vaccine.

Warning Labels May Not Be Helping In Preventing Magnet Injuries

Parents of children who are exposed to high-powered magnets often do not even know if there were warning labels present, much less read them.

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Keep Kids Safe Home Alone With These Parenting Tips

The best way to make sure your children are safe at home is to practice letting them be alone. Here's more.

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Tips For Helping Your Child With ADHD Drive Safely

The thought of a teenager driving is pretty nerve-wracking as it is, adding in ADHD might make parents even more nervous

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Thousands Of Children Have Lost Their Lives To ATV Accidents, Warning Sent To Parents

Thousands of US children have died from ATV accidents, with many more being sent to emergency rooms.

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E-Scooters May Not Be Safe For Kids To Ride To School. Here’s Why

The AAP has issued its own warning against children using an e-scooter.

The _One Chip Challenge_ Is Being Banned By Schools Across The Country, Here's Why(1) 1
"One Chip Challenge" Banned By Schools Across The Country

The company states that this chip turns the tongue blue, and while it may seem harmless, it has had some dangerous outcomes.

Increasing School Security Leads To Lower Grades In Kids

Students often felt more like “suspects” than “students,” and it made it hard for them to concentrate on their work.

'National Walk To School Day' Explained

National Walk to School Day is held annually on the first Wednesday in October. This event currently involves communities from more than 40 countries

sex education 1
Youths In Child Welfare System Lack Access & Education On Birth Control

Only about one-third of youth in the 8th and 9th grades involved in the system have received information on birth control.

False School Shooting Threats On The Rise & They're Terrifying Students

These calls are coming through in various states, and Texas was one of the latest ones.