Whether mom is setting up a nursery, or giving her child’s room a makeover, she will likely be looking for some paint. She has to decide what color to paint the room, and this can be a pretty big decision. That is because we don’t tend to change the paint so often, so the color she picks has to be the one that stays.

It also goes well beyond just picking a color that your child likes, and that is because color can affect our moods daily, and this is something that moms should think about.

According to From House To Home, there are studies that show that room color does have a psychological effect on everyone. That the colors of our walls can make us feel anything from happy, and calm to mad and frustrated.

This may make your decision a bit harder, but we will go through 10 popular colors that moms may be thinking about, and how they can impact the mood their child is in. This can help her make sure she is picking out the perfect color.

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10 Red

child's red room
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Red is one of the boldest colors out there, and it may be a popular choice for kids who want something that stands out. However, this color should come with a warning label. According to My Move, red is one of the most intense colors, and it can raise the energy of the room. It has also been shown to raise blood pressure and heart rate and may make your child a bit louder than normal.

9 Orange

child's orange room
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Orange is another bright and bold color, so we have to look at what this color can do. It can promote activity, and it often evokes excitement and enthusiasm. While this may seem like a good thing, it may be best for a playroom and not a room your child will spend most of their time in.

8 Yellow

child's yellow room
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Yellow is bright, fun, and loud, and it is actually a great choice for a bedroom. This color can communicate happiness, and that could be because it reminds us so much of a sunny, summer day. It radiates joy, and this joy can be transferred to your child.

7 Pink

child's pink room
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While boys can like pink too, it is a popular choice for little girls out there. This color is often associated with love and kindness, and it has been said to boost creativity. It looks like this color gets the all-clear for positive moods, and mom should be glad if her child picks this color for their walls.

6 Green

child's green room
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Green is an earthy color, and it is one that kids may want for their bedrooms. The color has a calming effect, and it may be great for a child who has a bit too much energy and needs some help calming down at the end of the day. The color has also been known to relieve stress, so it may be good for a child who struggles with anxiety and depression.

5 Blue

child's blue room
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If we thought green was soothing, blue maybe even more so. Blue is one of the calmest colors out there, and it is a popular choice for all homeowners and not just young boys. The color has been said to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate. A great color choice for a child who needs a place to go and calm down.

4 Purple

child's purple room
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Purple is a bold choice and one that parents may think twice about. According to Country Living, purple has long been associated with royalty, and it may be a great choice for the princess, or prince, in your life. Purple is also known for sparking creativity, so if you have a child who is interested in the arts, this may be the color for you.

3 White

white child room interior for mockup, 3D rendering
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White is a plain and normal color, and this may be a great choice for a parent who wants to make the rooms look bigger, but it may not be the best choice for a kid's room. It doesn’t really have any impact on the mood, and that may be the problem. White doesn’t really inspire any change in personality, and it may show dirt a lot easier.

2 Black

chalkboard wall boy drawing
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Black is definitely a color that parents definitely want to avoid. Not only will it make the room look smaller, but it can invoke some negative feelings that mom wants to avoid. It can be used as an accent color, but rooms should not be painted this color.

1 Gray

child's room with gray wall
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Gray is becoming an increasingly popular color, and this one is great for everyone. Gray has a really calming effect, and it may make a nice place for children to go to after school when they need some time to calm down for the night.

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