How To Create A Semi-Peaceful Home When Siblings Are Constantly Fighting

As siblings grow, they tend to compete for everything. It might be as simple as a toy to something more complex, like attention.

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What To Do When You Find Yourself Saying, “But My First Child Didn’t Do That”

To compare is human nature. But comparisons made between siblings can be detrimental. Both to their mental health and relationship with one another.

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10 Life Hacks For Moms With 3 Or More Kids

There is no denying that mothers who have three children or more will face different challenges than mothers who only have one child.

Tips For Helping Older Siblings Get Along 1
Tips For Helping Older Siblings Get Along

Siblings fight. But as they get older, parents will need to come up with creative ways to help keep siblings' bonds together.

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11 Sibling-Fun Ideas For The Month Of October

Children have better relationships when they share activities that they both enjoy. Yes, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher those activities...

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10 Cute & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Easy and twins don't often get seen in the same sentence, but for the costumes listed below, that's exactly what it is.

How To Be Involved In Multiple Kids’ Lives As An Overwhelmed Single Mom

A single mom with multiple kids can feel herself being stretched very thin. Here are some tips for staying involved in your kids' lives.

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Why Parents Tend To Give Their Oldest More Responsibilities

Oldest siblings are given responsibilities at an early age. And the responsibilities continue to mount the more they prove they are able to do them.

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Siblings Who Are Friends Have Parents That Do These Things

When you have more than one child, and you're raising siblings, it's natural to want them to be friends and love each other.

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Should Twins Be In The Same Class Or Separate?

Should twins be in the same class or different?

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How To Divide Responsibilities Between Siblings So Your Oldest Catches A Break

Being the oldest comes with having more responsibilities than younger siblings. But older siblings need a respite from this every once in a while.

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Why Parents Make Excuses To Older Siblings For Their Youngest's Lack Of Self-Control

As unfair as it may be, many younger siblings get away with murder, all as a result of how parents view them given their birth order.

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Does A Sibling’s Gender Influence A Child's Personality?

What was of greater importance is that these results were consistent among multiple countries and cultures.

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10 Amazing Outdoor Play Spaces For Siblings

Some are relatively simple and work-free, and others may require a bit of investment, but there is something for everyone here.

I Didn't Stop At One Child & I'm Happy I Stood My Ground About That 1
I Didn't Stop At One Child & I'm Happy I Stood My Ground About That

It was as if my complaining and venting about a struggle made me unfit to be a mother to more than one child, and that did not make sense to me.