Raising children is about a lot more than just making sure they have food to eat, clothes to wear, and that they are in great physical health. Mom has to make sure that her children are healthy and maintain good mental health, and that can be the most challenging thing of all.

It is easy to take our children for well-checks and to check their height and weight when compared to checking their mental health. Children may not understand what is going on with them, or they may not be brave enough to talk to their parents about it, and it can remain hidden.

That is part of why it is important to do daily tasks that can help strengthen their mental health and make sure their self-esteem is healthy and full. This is important for moms of any child, but there are self-affirmations that moms can teach their teenage sons to use to help build up their self-esteem, and we have 10 of them.

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10 “The More I Like Myself, The More Others Will Like Me”

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Being a teenager is tricky, and that is because it is a hard time to navigate, and this can put a weight on a teenager's self-esteem. According to MindValley, it is important to encourage your son that the more he likes himself, and is content with who he is, the more people will like him. They will see his confidence, and it will attract like a magnet.

9 “I Will Ask For Help If I Need It"

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Teenage boys tend to not ask for help when they need it because society has said that this is a sign of “weakness.” We know this is not true, but we have to make sure our teenage sons know this as well. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that you are confident enough to know that you cannot do it alone.

8 “I Am Always Learning More About Who I Am”

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This is a great way to let teenage sons know that they are not done growing yet. If they are concerned about themselves, and this can impact their mental health, it is important to let them know that they are not done developing and that they can always work on what they want to be.

7 “I Don’t Know Everything, And That Is OK”

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True self-esteem comes from learning and growing, and constantly working on yourself, and this is a great way for teenage boys to know that their self-esteem is not based on how much they know, but on how much they are willing to grow as they get older.

6 “I Can Cry”

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Society has told boys, of all ages, that it is not OK to cry or show emotion, and this can impact their self-esteem. If they are feeling upset or frustrated about something, and know that they need to get it out, they may hold back. They may even start to feel bad about themselves, because “boys don’t cry.” Let them know that it is OK, and have them tell themselves that.

5 “Don’t Surround Yourself With People Who Do Not Realize How Great You Are”

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Like we stated, teenagers are in a tricky stage of development, and a lot of their self-esteem is rooted in what others think about them. Moms have to get them past this and be OK if someone doesn’t like them. According to Divas With A Purpose, teenagers can find themselves falling into the wrong crowd in an attempt to be liked, and this one teaches them to stand on their own.

4 “Every Person Has A Place In The World”

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Teenagers are trying to find each other in this world, and they may get to a place where they don’t feel like they belong anywhere. This affirmation can remind them that they have something to offer this world, even if they don’t quite know what that is yet.

3 “I Love The Way I Look”

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While many adults know that physical appearances are not what is important, teenagers are not quite there yet, and their looks may be important to them. According to The Incredible Boy, it is an awkward stage of development, but your son needs to be at peace with how they look, and this affirmation can give them the push of self-love they need.

2 “I Am Loaded With Potential”

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Your teenage son may put a lot of pressure on himself, and he may forget the fact that he is still young. This affirmation reminds him that there is so much life left to live and that he has time to work on what he wants his future to look for.

1 “My Opinions Matter”

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Self-esteem is also about how we feel our voice is heard, and teenagers can often feel like they are not being heard. By saying this self-affirmation, your teenager can remind themselves that they have a voice and that it matters in this world.

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