There are so many video games these days. From preschool to adulthood, if someone likes to game, they can. Phones, computers, and gaming consoles make this a very easy, and fun process. Video games can be a great way to bring the family together in a fun, competitive way. Yes, they are another source of screen time, but they can also provide stress relief for kids.

Video games tend to get a bad rap, but that is typically due to a certain situation. For instance, if someone becomes addicted to gaming. If done safely and responsibly, they aren't all that bad. In fact, according to Web MD, video games have a wide range of benefits for children.

For example, playing simple games can improve a child's mood, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety. Children can also build emotional resilience by learning to cope with losing in video games.

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For children who love gaming, a gamer-themed birthday party is sure to be a big hit! Of course, it's just the theme; no actual video games are played during the party. Below you can find some great ideas to throw your gamer an amazing party featuring some of the most popular games for kids right now.

10 Super Mario

boy and girl playing video game on the floor

You can't go wrong with Mario! Mario and his toadstools have been providing fun for over 35 years now, courtesy of Nintendo. In fact, the Mario franchise is the best-selling video game franchise ever, according to Statista. There is no shortage of party supplies for a Mario-themed party, but if parents want to really get into it and make it original, DIY ideas are endless too. Some of those ideas include:

  • King Koopa Super Mario Bros Cake
  • Super Mario Bros Pops
  • Tunnel Lollipop Cups
  • Super Mario Bros Invitation
  • Super Mario Bros Cupcakes
  • Awesome Super Mario Bros Themed Food

For more information and how-tos on these fabulous finds, head over to Kara's Party Supplies.

9 Animal Crossing

game remote

For parents not familiar, Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game series, also by Nintendo. Children get to create a land of cute little animals. The more they play, the bigger their land gets and the more animals they earn. Since this game primarily takes place outdoors, this would be a great outdoor party theme.

With many options and ideas out there, parents don't have to worry about what to plan. Just in case, though, Sugar Geek Show put on an amazing Animal Crossing party and has all the tips and tricks to help.

8 Sonic

tweens gaming

Sonic, Super Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, whatever kids want to call him, he is 'The Flash' of blue hedgehogs. Parents may not want to age themselves, but it's the same little speedster from 1991's Sega Genesis release. These days you can find Sonic on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Parents can check out Manda Panda Projects for some DIY ideas or hit the party store for decor.

7 Fortnite

A small boy sitting and playing video games

A Fortnite theme makes for a great active birthday party. Fortnite is an online game that challenges kids to save the world. Having a nerf gun war, a dance-off, or playing Capture the Flag fit right into the theme of this ever-expanding game.

Parents can also check out Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids for more game ideas. For food, Fortnite makes that easy too. Burgers, in honor of Durrr Burger, a popular Fortnite Character, and Pizza. Pizza symbolizes the classic Pizza Pit set in Fortnite. Kids usually love one or the other, maybe both.

6 Roblox


Roblox is another online game similar to Fortnite. Kids are in charge of building and creative play. There are a lot of ideas for a Roblox party too; this is a really popular game. Another thing that's really cool about Roblox is they have a virtual party option. That means, all the kids that game together can have a party together and play online. It's called Party Place, a private venue for parties and meet-ups. Parents can check out more about it at TechCrunch.

5 Minecraft

Two handheld video games

Minecraft has been around for a long time now. It fades in and out of popularity, but it's a classic. This game allows kids to build anything and everything. There are a lot of features in this game to inspire party favors, food, and games. You can get some great inspiration at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

4 Pokémon

gaming kids

Pokémon is 26 years old. It's hard to believe how hugely popular it still is, but it is. Pikachu can be found on lunch boxes, bedsheets, shoes, and even underwear. Kids and adults can't get enough. It's no wonder why this is such a great party theme; everyone enjoys it. The main colors are red, yellow, black, and white. Pretty simple and easy to put together. Parents can grab Pokémon Trading Cards, Pokémon DVDs, Video Games, or Board Games, and even Pokémon Masks. There is no shortage of supplies out there for this fun-filled bash.

3 Among Us

family gaming

Among Us is a newer game, that gained popularity quickly. It's a multiplayer whodunit type of game that kids go wild for. Get the invites out to all the crew mates and imposters and set up a real-life Among Us game for everyone. It's great fun. It's like an updated version of Clue, for parents that might not understand it.

2 Zelda

Kids online gaming

Zelda is another game that has been around for years. This is a fantasy action game based on saving the Princess. Having a costume party or scavenger hunt are just two ideas that go along with this theme. Doodlecraft has an entire post on other fun things to do that will make this party a memorable one.

1 Dragon Quest

boys gaming

If parents are looking for an amazing birthday party theme, fans of Dragon Quest, or not, Mrs. Mouthy's Weblog has it. The ultimate quest for magical eggs. This is such a fun theme for boys and girls alike.

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