Kids Who Need The Most Love Ask In Unloving Ways, But Why?

Some act out in very unloving ways in order to 'earn' that love, attention, and praise. It seems unrealistic, but it's far from it.

Mom pointing at daughter 1
How To Call Out Your Tween When They Disrespect You

How to effectively and empathetically address tweens when they're being disrespectful.

How To Create A Semi-Peaceful Home When Siblings Are Constantly Fighting

As siblings grow, they tend to compete for everything. It might be as simple as a toy to something more complex, like attention.

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What Actually Happens When Mom Doesn't Yell At Her Kids?

Yelling in general, no matter what the context, is an expression of anger. It scares children and makes them feel insecure

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How To Help Kids Break Free From Instant Gratification

Giving up instant gratification is necessary to create and achieve meaningful, long-term goals.

Survival Mode  1
What It's Like Parenting In Survival Mode

When the body tries to protect us, it's usually a good thing, but when it tries to protect us too much, it can become a bad thing.

10 Non-Disciplinary Approaches To Correcting Tween’s Behavior

The tween years can be brutal. One minute a mother is looking at her 'seemingly' little child, the next they are getting a teenage type attitude

Just 5 Minutes Every Day Could Help Your Child Listen Better

It allows children to interact with their parents without the “stress” of having to constantly follow directions.

Children With Strict Parents More Likely To Develop Depression 1
Children With Strict Parents More Likely To Develop Depression

This specifically applied to parents who used physical punishment and psychological manipulation.

Time-Out 1
Time-Outs Explained By Experts

Some parents use time-outs when their child does something they shouldn't or says something they shouldn't. Likewise, some parents don't use them.

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What To Do When Teen's Party Get Busted While You Are Out Of Town

This is probably a fear of many teen parents, they go out of town and their kid has a party. Not only that, but the cops came too.

What Is Discipline (& What It Isn't) 1
What Is Discipline (& What It Isn't)

Discipline is not rules, regulations, compliance, obedience, or enforcement. It is not rigid, boring, or always doing the same thing

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Helpful Time-Out Tips Kids With Special Needs

Time out can be a helpful behavior tool for children with special needs when used correctly and consistently.

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Stop Negotiating With Your Teen With These Tips

Parents may want to consider other options versus the constant nagging, negotiating, and/or authoritative response.

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Tips For Preschoolers To Sit Still During Time-Out

Times-outs are still one of the most highly recommended forms of discipline. [Not punishment]

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'Conflict Resolution Day': Tips For Solving Family Conflict Between Parents & Kids

Family conflicts are difficult, but there are some things that can be done to resolve them.

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Good Tips For Teaching Kids To Respect Their Teachers

Kids should respect their teachers. There are a number of things parents can do to teach them how to do it.

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Parenting Traps As Defined By Experts

These traps are situations that parents find themselves in, and they are not helpful, and they can actually be harmful.

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Parents’ Effective Instructions Benefit Kids: How To Give Them

There are good tips parents can use when they are trying to give their kids effective instructions.

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A Calm Voice Helps Develop Calm Kids, Here’s How

This can be challenging, especially when mom is frustrated and upset, but it is going to be the best way to make sure you raise children who are calm