Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Raising healthy kids isn’t hard. There are also no set rules as to what you have to do to raise healthy kids. There are however, a couple of guidelines that you can follow to make sure your children and staying healthy and fit. Usually when school starts and they get busy, it is important to make sure they are following healthy habits.

One important thing to make sure your children are doing is to make sure that they are eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day. It is very important to emphasize this one. Fruits and vegetables are filled with so many nutrients and vitamins that kid otherwise miss out on if they are not eating fruits and vegetables. These are also helpful in helping kids maintain their weight. To make kids more tempted to eat fruits and healthy meals, keep it in front of them, cut and decorated so that whenever they walk by, they just put some in their mouth. The more they eat it, the more they will appreciate the taste.  Maybe gardening with your kids might make them more tempted to eat something they have grown.

Secondly, limit TV Time. Make sure your kids are not watching TV or on the computer for more than 2 hours. Watching TV usually makes kids more tempted to eat as they watch commercial for unhealthy foods left and right. Set firm rules and make sure you are also following up with them. Add a lock on the TV if that helps you better. Also, make sure that there is only one location for a TV. Take them out of the children’s rooms so that they are not “sneaking” to watch TV.

Also, limit sweetened beverages, especially coke, to almost zero! Sugary drinks make kids full without even getting the nutritional value that they need. Have them learn the benefits of water and have them develop a taste for water. IF needed, adding mint and lemon might enhance the taste.

Also, lastly, make sure your kids are getting exercise in. At least 1 hour a day is needed for kids to get exercise doing this will keep them mentally strong and will as well make them less prone to obesity. They will also make their bones and muscles stronger and participate in something that they like. For many sports are stress relievers!

Try to make sure that your kids are following a majority of the suggestions mentioned above. The more they indulge in healthy habits, the stronger they will be mentally and physically. Good luck and have fun staying healthy, because ultimately it is all about having tons of fun!

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As a mom to three girls Denise knows the difficulties of being a single parent. Denise has been working to help single moms across the country since 2007. In her free time Denise enjoys camping, riding four wheelers and just spending time with her family.

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