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Bedtime Battles and What to Do About Them

Let’s face it, life as a single mom is tiring. Not only do you have to work full time, but you also have to perform all of the care and emotional support tasks for your children. The last thing you are ready to face at the end of the day are bedtime battles, yet it seems like they occur no matter how much you try to avoid them. Here are some tips to help you deal with them.

First, never reward the behavior. Make it a rule that you do not give your child something she is crying for. If there is a legitimate need, she needs to ask nicely.

Next, establish a bedtime routine that is predictable, but keep it from being too long. Sometimes drawing out the process can lead to more battles simply because the child has time to prepare his strategy. You might want to use a night-light or leave the bedroom door open to ward off fears of the dark or being alone.

You may feel like you have to insist that your child sleeps. After all, you know how important sleep is. This is not true. As long as your child stays in his or her bed, allowing some quiet play or looking at books is fine. When they are tired, if the atmosphere is quiet and dark, they will go to sleep. Once you tuck them in, your job is done.

Remember, bedtime battles often begin as a power struggle. Make sure your child knows what is expected at bedtime, then tuck them in and leave the room. By doing this, you may be able to prevent the fight, but remember that it will take a while to unlearn behavior that has been in place for a while. If your child is used to throwing a fit at bedtime, then you might have a few rough nights, but soon you will both fall into a routine that works for your family.

4 Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep

Getting your baby to sleep isn’t always easy, and just like your baby, your sleep is a precious commodity. You don’t have a partner to take the red-eye shift when you’ve gone without sleep for too many days in a row. Because of this, getting your baby to sleep through the night becomes an overwhelming need, not just something you are working on. Here are some methods other moms have used. Choose the one that best fits your parenting style and your baby’s personality, and soon you will be snoozing again.

First, you need to have realistic expectations. No matter what your friend’s baby did, a newborn is not supposed to sleep 12 hours at night. According to Mayo Clinic, by three months babies should sleep about five hours at a time during the night. By six months, they are capable of sleeping 12 hours.

Cry It Out

The Cry It Out method is one of the oldest in the books. According to this method, you learn when your baby needs to eat in the first few weeks, and get your baby on a fairly good schedule. When your baby wakes during the night, feed and diaper him, if needed, then place him in his crib awake. He will fuss, but you need to leave the room and let him fuss. This will quickly teach him to put himself to sleep, and soon he will stop waking to eat unless he is truly hungry.


Sometimes, co-sleeping safely can help getting your baby to sleep. This will also help you get more sleep. To co-sleep safely, purchase a bassinet that attaches to your bed. You will be within arms length of your baby to shush him back to sleep if he wakes and he will be able to see you when he needs comfort.

Maximizing Playtime

During the day, you need to avoid the temptation to lay baby down for too many naps. Babies do need a lot of daytime sleep, but you need to make the most of awake times. Play with your baby, stimulate her with activity in the home, and keep her near the light when it is daytime to encourage her to fall into a regular sleep pattern.

No-Cry Method

The no-cry method of helping your baby sleep through the night involves placing your baby to bed when she is awake but drowsy. Unlike the cry it out method, you will still comfort her when she cries. However, you will avoid rocking her to sleep, and if possible, avoid picking her up. This makes her dependent on you to fall asleep. Instead, get her drowsy, but put her to bed awake. If she cries, do what you can to comfort her, picking her up if you need to, but always insist on putting her to bed awake. Soon you will be able to lay her down without a fight.

Each of these tips will help you when you are getting your baby to sleep. There are many other parenting tips you can try to help you as you raise your family.