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Your Child’s Creative Development – It’s a Journey!

Many parents don’t recognize the creative development of their children until they start showing it in the games they create, the pictures they draw or the stories they tell. A lot of single moms would be surprised to learn that even an infant is exhibiting creative development when they show signs of recognizing a person entering a room just by the sound of the voice.

Does your baby smile back at you when you smile? Does it seem like your infant gives you a big smile just to get you to smile in return? This isn’t your imagination. The creativity of the infant is developing and you are seeing the outward signs. Watch as he discovers his hand, then reaches out to see if he can touch or grab things within his vision.

As the infant crawls and learns to walk, a parent can also recognize the signs of creativeness as the child begins to explore. They are no longer content to play with just one item, but like to bring several of them together. They become more creative in the sounds that they make, combining them into a unique language

More and more often you’ll see your young child trying to imitate the things that you do.

As the child develops, many make up imaginary friends or talk to their stuffed animals. Toddlers often put their toys in an imaginative setting that they have created on their own and have the toys perform stunts like flying through the air or acrobatic maneuvers. Sometimes care is given that the toys have a chance to sleep. At other times, the toy may have misbehave and be in a period of ‘time out’. These creative growths are easier for the parent to recognize.

Creative development will lead to problem solving as the child begins to think out new challenges and devise new ways to approach challenges. By the time the child is in school, he can be creative in his thinking as well as his actions. Good teachers are able to recognize the creativity of their students and encourage it as a valuable teaching tool.

Single moms who recognize the creativeness of their children and encourage it at the earliest stages can set the stage for creative thinking and problem solving skills that will help the child throughout life.