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Make the Snack a Healthy Treat

Most single moms give their kids snacks every day. Sometimes it’s between lunch and the evening meal, and sometimes the kids are in the routine of having a light treat before they go to bed. While a treat is always welcomed by the child, many moms have discovered that the treat is a good way to sneak in those extra nutrients that the kids may have been shorted during the day.

It’s best to keep the bedtime snack light, but the mid afternoon snack is fair game as long as it won’t ruin the appetites for dinner. It’s a good time for a smoothie, especially if it offers the opportunity to sneak in some of the raw vegetables you have prepped for dinner.

Crackers with cheese or peanut butter will also help stop little tummies from growling between meals, especially if the kids are able to put the spreads on the crackers themselves. Any cracker that the kids like will do, but the choice that mom picks out in the store offers an added chance to add nutritious value to the snack.

Once kids are used to getting milk and cookies or other sweet treats as a snack, it may be hard to get them to settle for something a bit healthier. The trick is to make it fun. Slices of fruit, cut into fun shapes with a cookie cutter can make kids forget all about the sugar filled treats. Give them a firm plastic straw and chunks of fruit and let them make kabobs.

Cut a sandwich into geometric shapes and have the kids put it together before they start eating it. Hopefully, they’ll enjoy it enough not to notice that you’re attempting to fill them up with nutrition because dinner is going to be late.

You don’t have to prepare the snacks yourself in order for them to be nutritious. A bowl full of purchased baked vegetable chips, especially those labeled low sodium, are an easy snack that the kids will enjoy munching on while they do their homework. String cheese, raisins and even popcorn flavored with herbs instead of salt and butter will satisfy hunger pains and not interfere with the next meal.

Keep track of the snacks and treats the kids are getting throughout the day. If you’re in the habit of giving the kids both an after school snack and a bedtime snack, with a treat to eat on the drive back home after running errands, the kids might be getting more sugar, salt or fat that you realize. If the kids have visited another home for a play date or have been invited out to the matinee, chances are that they’ve been treated to snacks that they’ve forgotten to tell you about.

Balancing Sports and Life as a Single Mom

When your kids are in their “tween” years, they are going to find themselves pulled in a million directions. Different sports are just one of the many activities that will call for their attention. You are going to find it difficult to balance your schedule as your kids want to participate in these excellent extra curricular activities.

The first thing you need to do is get a calendar, not a digital one, that you can use to record practice and game times for your kids. This will help you keep everything straight and give your kids a visual reminder of how busy you are. Then, take some time to get to know other moms. You might find that there are some you can arrange carpooling with to help you balance your load.

Add a box of healthy snacks to your car, because you are going to be in it a lot. This will keep you from running through the drive through for you or your child’s hunger needs. Similarly, plan your menu ahead of time, focusing on make-ahead options and crock-pot meals, or even freeze a few meals you can pull out on busy game nights.

Finally, encourage your children to participate in programs offered through their school. Often school based sports teams will have school transportation, so you will have less of a burden to get your child to and from practice while balancing your work duties and home duties. This allows your kids to participate in the activities they enjoy, without making you a crazy soccer mom taxi driver.

Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love!

Healthy snacks aren’t always easy to get your kids to eat, and most moms know that kids come home from school or daycare ravenous. As a single mom, you probably haven’t had time to get dinner ready when you bring your kids through the door. You need healthy snacks to give them, because it may sabotage dinner, but they are genuinely hungry. The key is to find foods that you will not feel bad about them “filling up” on, because that could happen.

Fruit and Veggie Sculptures

Making fruit fun can make it more appealing to those who would rather have a bag of potato chips. Take a Saturday when you are not working to think through some fun ways to present fruits and veggies. You can use peanut butter for a healthy “glue” to keep your creations together. Here are some tips:

· Raisins make great eyes.
· Use a knife to carve out smiles.
· An orange slice can be a nose.
· Don’t forget nuts to add some variety to your creations.

After presenting a few of these healthy snacks and creations, your kids might want in on the fun. Provided they are eating healthy foods, this could be a good time to allow them to “play with their food,” and while the kids are having fun with activities, creating food sculptures, you can have some time to decompress after work or plan for your meal later in the evening.

Trail Mix

Making your own trail mix on the weekend can give you an instant snack and prevent the urge to reach for the chips and crackers out of convenience. Add healthy items to the trail mix, like nuts and dried fruits, then throw in some chocolate or peanut butter chips to give it appeal to your pickiest eaters. Other ideas to put in a trail mix include sunflower seeds, chopped pretzels, and popcorn.


Cheeses are healthy snacks options that are packed with calcium. To make it simple and accessible, purchase individually wrapped packages of string cheese. Your kids can get these themselves, and you will have instant portion control to ensure they aren’t making a meal out of what should just be a snack.


Sometimes adding a dip makes a less exciting food go down with ease. Ranch, cream cheese, peanut butter, and even ketchup all make dips for your kids’ foods that may make them more enjoyable. Serve carrot sticks or celery sticks with dip for fast and healthy snacks. Watch the dips for calorie and trans fat content to keep your kids as healthy as possible.