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Great Games, Better Brains – Games for Kids 3-8

Computer games can be educational too! Watch and find ideas for some games that help younger kids in the 3-8 age range learn about problem solving, socialization, and even organization skills through playing computer games!

Hidden Treasure, Family Games from the Past

It’s often hard to find family games that will be fun, interesting and challenging to all of the kids in the family.  Single moms search the aisles of the toy store reading labels for age guidelines and choking hazards to be sure any new game brought into the house won’t be a health hazard to the youngest child.

Perhaps, instead of paying out money for new games to have on hand, mom should leave the money in her bank account and search for game options in the memory banks of her own family.

Games that have been around for generations are the perfect solution for family fun. The game known as Hide the Thimble is a perfect example.

In this game, one person hid a sewing thimble while the other players either covered their eyes or left the room. Once the thimble was in its hiding place, the race was on to see who could find it first.

One of the variations of the game became known as Hot and Cold. The person who hid the thimble could tell the searchers who were getting closer to the thimble that they were getting warmer. If they moved away from the thimble they were getting colder. Shouts of ‘hot’ were given when the hidden thimble was right under their noses.

Fewer single moms have a sewing thimble available in today’s world, and even if one was available in the sewing basket the size would make it hazardous for young children. Luckily, simply by changing the name of the game, mom can choose any treasure or object to use, depending on the age of the children playing.

Toddlers will enjoy searching for a hidden building block or stuffed animal. Borrow an action figure from an older child.  Balls roll and can often spontaneously give up their secret location, bringing that round of fun to an end. On the other hand, the hidden ball suddenly dropping from its hiding space could bring more excitement and fun to the game.

Like all good games, the important thing is that everyone is included and that they are all having fun.