Road Trip Games to Keep the Kids Busy

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Sure, today’s cars come equipped with video players and handheld gaming systems ensure that no one gets too bored in the car, but what will you do on a long road trip when you run out of movies or have a child who is too carsick to play her DS? Road trip games require no setup and little ingenuity, yet they can easily keep the “I’m boreds” at bay.

One simple game you can play is the Grocery Store game. This game requires you to go through the alphabet naming foods that start with the letter. The trick is that you have to remember all of the foods stated before. So, if you are first, you could say “apple” for A. Then, the next person would have to say “apple, banana.” This continues with each person in the car adding another word. When someone forgets the list, that person is out, and the game continues until only one person is still in.

The traditional “ABC” game is a good way to get your kids looking out the window and enjoying the scenery. Simply instruct them to look for the letters of the alphabet on street signs and advertisements and even license plates. Remember that some letters, like Q and Z, can be challenging, so keep license plates in mind. You can either work as a team to get through the alphabet, or each individual person can go through the alphabet on his or her own until you have a winner.

Team storytelling is not a game, per se, but it can be very entertaining. You will start a story by saying, “once upon a time there was a . . .” and add a character and a situation of your own design. Then, each person in the family continues the story, picking up where the last person left off. Things can get a little wacky, but that is part of the fun.

With these road trip games, you will build family unity while keeping the kids entertained in the car. And, who knows, you just might find that the kids want to turn the movies and video game systems off and spend time playing with you and their siblings.

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