Regular Doctor Visits

It’s especially hard for a single mom to come up with the money to take her children in for regular doctor visits, but in the long run, well child office visits can help prevent costly treatments in the future. Not all health problems are visible. A regular doctor visit will keep a healthy child healthy. Younger children cannot always communicate that they are feeling a bit ‘off’.

If the doctor examines your child on a regular basis, they are alerted early of problems with diet or growth patterns, stepping in before a serious medical can develop.

A regular doctor visit will keep your child from thinking that every trip to the doctor involves a shot or horrible tasting medicine or an uncomfortable blood draw.

Let your child know that he’s allowed to ask the doctor questions during the visit. He may be concerned because other kids his age seem to be growing faster. He may have specific concerns about the examination and wonder if further tests will be required that will be uncomfortable or downright painful. He may believe that rules about eating his vegetables is a dirty trick that parents play on kids just to be mean. It’s hard to know what kids think of and don’t bring to moms attention. He may have questions about his body that he doesn’t feel comfortable bringing up to you.

If your child has recently been ill and you’ve had to take him to the doctor for treatment, don’t think that you can cancel the well child visit. The doctor visit was dedicated to diagnosing and finding the cause of your child’s illness and looking for ways to cure or relieve symptoms to make him well. Unless signs of other problems were glaringly apparent, they may have been overlooked.

Regular doctor visits are important so that eyes and vision can be monitored, too. Vision problems can develop so slowly that neither the child nor the parent recognizes them until dropping grades or headaches signal a problem.

The dentist should also see your child on a regular basis. Once your child reaches the age of two, bring him in for a regular checkup. If problems occur in between scheduled visits, don’t hesitate to seek for advice. Problems in the mouth can cause more serious problems that tooth decay.

If you are having trouble paying for the proper healthcare for your child, look for agencies to help you out. In addition to help for paying for medical attention, some agencies offer single moms help in finding transportation and paying for medications, vision aids and any other special needs to help keep your family healthy.

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