Regular Dentist and Doctor Visits

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Working is really important but there is no point of working for anything if you are not well. Single mom, so much of your time is taken up my work and kids that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself and stay available for your children’s appointments. Having regular doctor and dentist check-ups is really important. You don’t want to be the reason that your child was unable to attend his/her doctors or dentist appointment. Living healthy and fit is key to living a happy life. Who do you work for? Yourself as well as your children, if you are ignoring and not scheduling your appointments there will be no one to work. Being a single mom you want to make sure that you as well as your children are healthy running around.

Doctor’s Appointment

Making sure that you regularly get physically checked up is so important! When you go in for a physical, doctors check all of your key part in your body to make sure that they are healthy. You could have a diseases growing inside you and you wouldn’t even know about it because it doesn’t give any symptoms. Furthermore, Doctors check you bones and muscles to see if you are growing properly and also check your weight and height to make sure you are growing at a healthy speed. The most important thing, since heredity is such powerful thing, if one of your family members has gotten ill due to something, there is a very high chance of you getting that also. You get you blood checked to see how your cells are, to make sure you are producing enough. Give urine samples, which shows you, sugar level, whether you have diabetes or not. Regardless of what check-up you are getting done, you should go to your doctor regularly to make sure that you are in the best as could be.

Dentist Appointments

Everyday we eat food, all different types, and all that food gets stuck in our teeth. No matter how well we think we brushed there is always something left there in between. Going to your dentist is very important. There is so much going on in our mouth that we are unaware of. You don’t want to be the odd ball in your group who has nasty breath… did you knows that; bad breath is a sign of unhealthy mouth? You would if you went to your dentist and asked. Furthermore, you can develop an disease called ‘gum disease?’ that cause you gums to turn a purplish red and constantly bleed when you brush. If you want a radiant smile, you should go to your dentist and make sure that you can!

These are not things you should be compromising with. In this generation, when children have no control over what they eat or how much they eat, you want to make sure that they don’t develop unhealthy habits. As a parent it is your responsibility to look after you child and make sure he/she are healthy.

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