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Hard Questions

Being A Single Parent

Almost everyone wants to be a good single parent for their children. They take parenting quite seriously and throw all their energy into raising their kids. This is equally true to parents who are single. They want to be good role models and teachers for their children. They want their children to be happy and […]

Defining Family and Support

Family is simply defined as the people who you are related to either by blood or marriage. Support is defined as something that provides strength to an overall structure. Pretty simple definitions, however when you combine the two words together the definitions become a little more complicated. Family support is defined as support provided to […]

Oh, No! My Kid is Stealing!

It’s important for the single mom to try to find out why her kid is stealing. There is usually a reason that is deeper than the first thought that you are raising a juvenile delinquent. Pick a time when it is calm and try to have a heart to heart conversation with your child. Let […]

Hard Questions About Divorce and How to Answer Them

If you are a single mom due to a divorce, then you may find yourself facing this common question. Kids want to know, “Why does divorce happen?” And, the fact is, they deserve an answer. But answering this on an age-appropriate level that will not lead to unnecessary insecurity and emotional trauma is not always […]

Questions About Money and How to Answer Them

For many single moms, money is a daily struggle. Without the support of another adult in the home, they are forced to live on just one income, and that can make life challenging at times. Sometimes kids pick up on this and will ask difficult questions, like “are we poor?” or “why can Johnny have […]

Questions About Dad

When kids are raised in a single parent home, they often end up with questions about where the other parent is or why their family unit doesn’t look like the family units of their peers. In today’s society when single parent families are becoming more and more common, kids may be more accepting of their […]

Questions About Sex: How to Talk to Your Kids

Kids are naturally curious, and sexual behavior is something they are going to want to know about. As their mom, you want them to come to you with their questions, not their friends. Learning how to answer the questions about sex that your kids might bring up, on an age appropriate level, will help you […]

Tips For A Single Mom Raising Bi-Racial Children

Being a single mom is tough, no matter what the circumstances. It can be rough to make it alone financially, and it can be even more daunting if you are in a situation where you and the father of your child don’t get along well. But some single moms find themselves in an even more […]

Single Mom Advice On Answering the Tough Questions

A single mom knows that their children can come up with the most astounding and sometimes embarrassing questions they have ever heard. But since they are always honest with their children (or at least, they should be!), they strive to answer those tough questions in the best way they know how. Here are a few […]