Finish Line (15-18 years)

Difficult Conversations: Teenage Pregnancy

February 26, 2011

Just because a subject is difficult to approach doesn’t mean important teenage life issues shouldn’t be discussed with your teenager.  By the time your child has reached the finish line, you’ve probably already had ‘The Talk’ and explained sex and reproduction issues. Some single moms had good discussions with the kids, and others found it awkward. But [...]

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Do You Really Know Your Teenager?

February 18, 2011

Single moms who have diligently worked at keeping the lines of communication open and honest with their child since they learned how to talk often feel that they really know their child by the time they reach the finishing line, or those teenage years between 15 and 18. This provides mom with a relative feeling [...]

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Help Your Teens Make The Right Choices

January 15, 2011
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Teens can be scary for everyone, not just single moms. It’s important you help your teen make the right choices at such a vulnerable time in their early adulthood. You might be asking yourself, “when did my baby become a teenager?” You suddenly wake up one morning and find out you’re sharing your house with [...]

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Single Moms and Teenagers: Handling the Milestones Alone

December 21, 2010

Single moms often have to deal with special milestones alone, without a partner by their side. That can become especially tough as children get older and the big milestones begin to roll in – the driver’s license, the prom, the first broken heart, and the graduation, just to name a few. Even if you are [...]

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