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Getting Help with Childcare

Paying for childcare isn’t easy, especially if you are a single parent. Childcare can easily cost as low as $180 a week and up to $280 a week. If you are a single parent, then you may find yourself working to pay for childcare which can be quite frustrating. It’s a catch 22. You have […]

Can You Bear To Leave Your Kids Alone With A Babysitter?

Summer time is vacation time. The kids are taking a break from school and the single mom is finding out that if she didn’t make advance arrangements for childcare, she may be having a hard time finding a good babysitter for her kids with a space available for them. To complicate matters, daycare providers schedule […]

Questions to Ask the Childcare Provider

Daycare costs a lot of money, but when the single mom is searching for affordable childcare, she worries that she may be putting her children at risk by putting the cost at the top of her list of priorities. It’s possible to find high quality daycare at lower price,s and at the same time put […]

Daycare Costs, Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Need

Daycare costs, may be expensive and it may seem like you’ll never lower your costs, but there are options to help you lower your daycare costs.  A paycheck is an immediate necessity and for many single moms your paychecks barely cover the cost of daycare. But what happens when you put in your full week […]

Daycare Resources for Single Moms

Being a single mom presents many challenges, but one of the biggest is finding someone to watch the kids while you’re at work. Traditional daycare can be like a second mortgage in some cities, and daycare center philosophies can vary from center to center and when you’re struggling to make ends meet as it is, […]

Cut Down On Daycare Costs With Daycare Grants!

Single moms face many challenges, and one of the biggest is finding adequate and affordable daycare for their children. Daycare grants for single moms can help bridge that gap. Daycare grants for single mothers are offered in a variety of places, and it takes some patience — and perhaps a lot of paperwork! — to […]

Childcare for Single Moms at Work

Single moms often find themselves in the midst of a tough decision: when your child is sick and you have to be at work, what do you do? Many childcare services won’t take care of your child if they are sick, running a fever, or otherwise feeling under the weather. But at the same time, […]

The Childcare Situation for Single Moms Working From Home

Single moms who work from home have to have childcare, too. Many people believe that single moms who work from home actually sit around watching talk shows all day, but that is hardly the case. As a working single mom knows, sometimes it’s impossible to do it all, even if you’re working at home. Your […]

Babysitter Wars! Single Moms Need the World’s Best Babysitter

Finding that perfect babysitter is the bane of single mothers everywhere. Someone who not only takes good care of your kids, but enjoys being with them as well. Single moms who snag the best babysitters tend to guard them with everything they have. Ask a single mom for the name of her awesome babysitter and […]

Daycare Assistance And How To Make It Affordable

Daycare assistance can eat your finances alive if you’re not careful. You’ve heard the horror stories of the mother who went back to work after her child was born, only to find that the cost of daycare was eating away the majority of her paycheck. It’s a sad fact of life that most daycare facilities […]

Tips For Finding Daycare Grants For Single Mothers

Going to school, going to work, and handling everyday chores and errands is enough to drive anybody a little nuts. Add being a single mother into the mix and you can see how you might need a little help along the way. But there’s no doubt daycare can be very expensive. If you aren’t lucky […]