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Behavior of Children

Parenting a Child – What It Takes

No matter how many advertisements you are bombarded with, there is no guidebook on how to perfectly parent a child. Single moms probably know this better than anyone else. All homes are different, just as all children are unique and each parent has a one of a kind approach influenced not only on present circumstances […]

Being a Successful Single Parent Mom

You can be successful and be a single parent mom. It takes organization and planning to do it, but it can be done. Here are some tips to being a successful single parent mom. Make a Calendar As a mom you have to worry about what your children are doing and where they are doing. […]

Raising Children to be Giving

Most children often enjoy giving gifts to their loved ones especially to their parents. This is especially true during the holiday season. Raising children to be giving during the rest of the year can be a little tricky, but it can be done using some of these ideas. Adopt a Grandparent Many nursing homes have […]

Quick Behavior Tips for Calming Tantrums

Kids throw tantrums, and it is your job as a mom to become an expert at calming tantrums. That said, there are times where there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop the screaming and fit throwing. But, these are tips that usually work at calming the tantrum thrower and helping them […]

Bedtime Battles and What to Do About Them

Let’s face it, life as a single mom is tiring. Not only do you have to work full time, but you also have to perform all of the care and emotional support tasks for your children. The last thing you are ready to face at the end of the day are bedtime battles, yet it […]

Behavior Chart Tips

A behavior chart can be a positive way to reinforce the behaviors you want your children to exhibit and limit those behaviors you wish to put a stop to. However, you need to use them carefully to make them as effective as possible. These behavior chart tips will help you make the most of this. […]

Ignoring Behavior Can Stop It In Its Tracks

You know how frustrating it is when your child starts to push those buttons. Eventually you get to a point where you start yelling, scolding, and losing your temper. What you may not realize is that this attention, even though it is negative, is fueling the behavior. Sometimes, ignoring is the best way to deal […]

React Calmly When Your Child Lashes Out at You

Young children have different ways of displaying their anger at different stages of their emotional development. After the tantrum stage, where displeasure can only be shown with cries of distress or hitting out, they often come out with verbal attacks as a way to express their anger and frustration. Most single moms have been told […]

Using A Toy Doll To Help Toddler Adjust To New Sibling

Bringing a new sibling into a home with a toddler carries unique problems. Not only does the problem of sibling rivalry have to be addressed, but finding a way to communicate the need for the toddler to be gentle around the new baby can also be tricky. Many moms let the toddler learn how to […]