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Raising Children

Establishing a Daily Schedule for Elementary Kids

Young kids going to school for the first time or even elementary school age children going back after a summer vacation are facing big changes. A huge chunk of their waking hours are now being spent away from their family and away from their homes. In the rush to get ready for school in the […]

Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Raising healthy kids isn’t hard. There are also no set rules as to what you have to do to raise healthy kids. There are however, a couple of guidelines that you can follow to make sure your children and staying healthy and fit. Usually when school starts and they get busy, it is important to […]

Parenting a Child – What It Takes

No matter how many advertisements you are bombarded with, there is no guidebook on how to perfectly parent a child. Single moms probably know this better than anyone else. All homes are different, just as all children are unique and each parent has a one of a kind approach influenced not only on present circumstances […]

Spending More Time With Kids – 5 Ways to Bond More

One problem that single mothers often face is finding time to spend with their children. While you may work a full-time job, or two, and the kids may have after-school activities, there are still ways to make time to spend with each other. Whether you create a schedule or remind yourself of what’s really important […]

How to Make A Daily Routine For Kids

Being a single parent can be stressful, you want be the best you can be for your child. But sometimes managing both your and their schedules can be difficult. You want your child to be disciplined, not doing whatever they please to do at anytime. So creating a daily routine for your child will help […]

Being A Single Parent

Almost everyone wants to be a good single parent for their children. They take parenting quite seriously and throw all their energy into raising their kids. This is equally true to parents who are single. They want to be good role models and teachers for their children. They want their children to be happy and […]

Being a Successful Single Parent Mom

You can be successful and be a single parent mom. It takes organization and planning to do it, but it can be done. Here are some tips to being a successful single parent mom. Make a Calendar As a mom you have to worry about what your children are doing and where they are doing. […]

Raising Children to be Giving

Most children often enjoy giving gifts to their loved ones especially to their parents. This is especially true during the holiday season. Raising children to be giving during the rest of the year can be a little tricky, but it can be done using some of these ideas. Adopt a Grandparent Many nursing homes have […]

Parenting a 2-Year Old

You’ve heard them called the “terrible twos” but not everything about 2 year olds are terrible. The age of 2 is a magical time for children and parents. As a parent you are seeing your child learn something new almost every day. Whether it is a new word or a new skill, it amazing when […]

Being a Single Parent Mother

Being a single parent mother is not considered taboo anymore like it was 40 years ago. Today it is quite common, however not always simple or wanted. Not everyone chooses to be a single mother. Some people do. Either way you look at it, being a parent with someone else is hard so being a […]

Defining Family and Support

Family is simply defined as the people who you are related to either by blood or marriage. Support is defined as something that provides strength to an overall structure. Pretty simple definitions, however when you combine the two words together the definitions become a little more complicated. Family support is defined as support provided to […]