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Snacks for Kids

Healthy Meals For Children

Healthy Meals are very important to look in to. Getting children to eat healthy meals in this generation seems impossible. Especially when there is a McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King at every corner. Being a single mother you already have enough on your plate to also have to worry about your child’s unhealthy eating […]

The Best Snacks For Your Snack Pantry

Active kids are just like adults. We get hungry in between meals and need something to nibble on. When we get the urge to snack, we want something to satisfy the need for food right away and often grab for the food items that are within immediate reach and need no preparation. Snacks like candy, […]

Make the Snack a Healthy Treat

Most single moms give their kids snacks every day. Sometimes it’s between lunch and the evening meal, and sometimes the kids are in the routine of having a light treat before they go to bed. While a treat is always welcomed by the child, many moms have discovered that the treat is a good way […]

Fresh Fruit-How To Get Kids To Eat It

As a busy single mom, you may not have time to make creations out of fresh fruit to entice your kids to eat more healthily. It is far too tempting to simply grab a bag of chips or crackers on your way out the door. Here are some tips to help you get your kids […]

Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love!

Healthy snacks aren’t always easy to get your kids to eat, and most moms know that kids come home from school or daycare ravenous. As a single mom, you probably haven’t had time to get dinner ready when you bring your kids through the door. You need healthy snacks to give them, because it may […]