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Nutritious Recipes

Healthy Meals For Children

Healthy Meals are very important to look in to. Getting children to eat healthy meals in this generation seems impossible. Especially when there is a McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King at every corner. Being a single mother you already have enough on your plate to also have to worry about your child’s unhealthy eating […]

Delicious Chocolaty Walnut Brownies Recipe

The words healthy and chocolate really can go together in the same sentence. What would you say if you and your kids could enjoy homemade brownies topped off with ice cream and consider it a nutritious snack? For the single mom who enjoys the rich flavor of a chocolate desert as much as her kids […]

Sandwiches for Dinner? Make a Healthy Sloppy Joe

There are some summer days when it’s just too hot to stand over the stove and prepare a nutritious meal. It’s even too hot to think about firing up the grill and cooking in the shade. It’s days like these that bring a single mom’s favorite childhood meals to mind, especially those summer evenings when […]

Pineapple and Pork Tacos Recipe – A Perfect Summer Meal

Do your kids like tacos? If they do, you have an ideal vehicle for introducing new foods into their diets and even a way to make the picky eater choose to consume the things they’ve always turned their nose up at before. A single mom can reduce the time she spends preparing the evening meal. Believe it […]

Homemade Chicken Tenders

Once the single mom has disciplined herself to reading the ingredients and nutritional labels on the food she offers her family, she may feel a pang of guilt when she gives into their demands for their favorite foods, especially if the normal source of the food is a fast food restaurant or processed and frozen […]

Healthy Hamburgers for Dinner

Dinner is very inconveniently timed. Most single moms have already put in a tough day when thoughts turn to meal preparation. A lot of kids know that when mom is exhausted, it’s a good time to suggest take out or other fast foods. Many moms are tempted by the option too often, even knowing that […]

Hide Nutrition in a Smoothie

The single mom who tries to feed her family a healthy, well balanced diet sometimes has to resort to nutrition trickery. As children grow, they pass through phases of what foods they will eat, and what foods they simply can’t or won’t tolerate. Most kids love spaghetti and will slurp it up as long as […]