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Nutrition For Kids

Healthy Meals For Children

Healthy Meals are very important to look in to. Getting children to eat healthy meals in this generation seems impossible. Especially when there is a McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King at every corner. Being a single mother you already have enough on your plate to also have to worry about your child’s unhealthy eating […]

The Best Snacks For Your Snack Pantry

Active kids are just like adults. We get hungry in between meals and need something to nibble on. When we get the urge to snack, we want something to satisfy the need for food right away and often grab for the food items that are within immediate reach and need no preparation. Snacks like candy, […]

Avoiding Dirty Dozen Foods While Saving Money

Buying organic food when you are on a strict budget is a challenge. Organics simply cost more, and sometimes you have to decide where you are going to spend your grocery money, and where you are going to let your desire to eat organically slide. One way to make better decisions is to avoid non-organic […]

Delicious Chocolaty Walnut Brownies Recipe

The words healthy and chocolate really can go together in the same sentence. What would you say if you and your kids could enjoy homemade brownies topped off with ice cream and consider it a nutritious snack? For the single mom who enjoys the rich flavor of a chocolate desert as much as her kids […]

How To Deal With A New Food Allergy

If your child has just been diagnosed with a new food allergy, you have a long and sometimes difficult road ahead of you. The first few days helping your child adjust to the new diagnosis can be the most challenging. Here are a few things you need to do. First, you should seek a second […]

How to Buy Organic Meat on a Budget

One of the things that keeps many single moms from going organic is the cost. After all, when you are living on one salary, there are things that you simply cannot afford to do. If you are considering going organic, one of the holdups may be deciding how you will afford to buy organic meat. […]

Sandwiches for Dinner? Make a Healthy Sloppy Joe

There are some summer days when it’s just too hot to stand over the stove and prepare a nutritious meal. It’s even too hot to think about firing up the grill and cooking in the shade. It’s days like these that bring a single mom’s favorite childhood meals to mind, especially those summer evenings when […]

Picky Eating May Be Genetic For Some

No matter how hard you try, your kids may still be picky eaters. Lest you feel like it is your cooking skills that are lacking, a new study shows that picky eating may be genetic. In other words, if you were a picky eater, your kids just might be too. It appears, based on the […]

Make the Snack a Healthy Treat

Most single moms give their kids snacks every day. Sometimes it’s between lunch and the evening meal, and sometimes the kids are in the routine of having a light treat before they go to bed. While a treat is always welcomed by the child, many moms have discovered that the treat is a good way […]

Preparing a Food Allergic Child for School

As the mother of a food allergic child, you already know the constant fear that comes any time your son or daughter places something in his mouth. When you send them to school where you cannot control every piece of food, that fear can escalate. One way to help is to prepare your student and […]

Buying Healthy Organic Food on a Budget

Let’s face it, we all know that eating organic is a good idea, but organic food can come with a hefty price tag. As a single mom, you may feel that there is no way you can eat organic on a budget like yours. The truth is, however, that eating organically can be affordable, if […]