How to Help Your Toddler with Proper Nutrition

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by Denise on December 15, 2010 · 1 comment

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Toddlers are difficult people. They do not like to eat healthy foods, no matter how hard mommy and daddy try. Most parents of toddlers wonder what they could be doing to help their little ones eat a better diet. Here are some tips to help your toddler eat as healthy as possible.

First, model good eating. Your child is not going to want to eat his whole grain toast and oatmeal while you eat chocolate chip pancakes. When your little one was a baby you could get away with eating junk food in his presence, but he is aware of the differences now. This is the time to get over your notions about foods you do and do not like and start eating healthy. You just might lose a few pounds in the process.

Second, be careful what you offer. Your child is not going to let herself go hungry. If she chooses not to eat what you offer, that is fine. Do not force her to eat it, but do make sure that the next snack or meal is equally healthy. Your child will soon learn to eat what is offered, because nothing better is going to come later.

Keep meals balanced, but do not focus too much on how much your child eats. If all your child wants for dinner is the bun that is on his plate, let him eat the bun, but do not give him a second bun if he is still hungry. Let him know that he can eat the other food on his plate.

Remember that you will have to introduce a new food multiple times before your child will even taste it, if your child is like most toddlers. While wasting food is discouraging, particularly if you are shopping on a tight food budget, you need to understand that this is part of teaching your toddler about good eating. Throwing away a few plates of food is a small sacrifice in return for a raising a child who eats well into adulthood.

Keep meal and snack times consistent. A toddler needs three full meals and two small snacks in order to get adequate nutrition. However, do not let your child fill up during snacks. Keep them small and healthy, but make sure that the majority of his nutrition comes at mealtime.

The biggest tip towards helping your child become a healthy eater is to be consistent. Soon he will no longer be a toddler, and these mealtime struggles will be a distant memory. Avoid creating conflict, model good eating, and give your child healthy foods. He will learn to like them.

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KC March 9, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Proper way of showing your kids eating the right and nutritious food will help you teach them practice good eating habit. As parents, be the one to teach them enjoy eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Prepare meals that are nutritious, and easy to make for your busy schedule to fit. And remember, always have and spend some time eating with your kids because spending quality time for them will help them appreciate the sense of a family.


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