Helpful Training Tips For Family Pets

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Pet Training Tips

The kids have been clamoring for a pet and the single mom finally gives in, knowing that it will be a lot of extra work for her. While proper pet training of the new pet is an obvious requirement of the new responsible pet owners, some ‘training’ has to be directed toward the human member of the family, too.

No matter what type of pet that the single mom decides to share her home with, the kids have to have a complete understanding of the new rules. The first is obvious.

Let the Pet Eat in Peace

You never know how an animal will react if it feels that his food or water will be taken away from him. It would be different if the animal could talk to you and let you know, but they can only communicate with their natural yips, growls or nips. While a lot of pet owners feel that they can train their pet to remain calm if a child gets too close while they are eating, it’s never a good idea to put the whole burden on the animal.

Pets need Alone Time

Sometimes the pet just needs time to relax and get away from all of the human activity. Explain to the kids why they shouldn’t crawl under furniture in an attempt to get the pet to play with them. Just because a dog or cat may tolerate being pulled from his retreat doesn’t mean that the animal is happy about it.

Remind the kids as often as needed that when the pet is sleeping, he shouldn’t be disturbed. Let him wake up naturally.

Table Manners

Pets in homes with children often find that tasty treats are magically dropped to the floor under and around the table area and as meals are put on the dining table they take up a watchful position. It’s up to the pet owner to decide if this is an acceptable practice.

Beware of the animal learning to beg for tidbits if the family doesn’t accidentally drop food as they are eating. At first, an animal watching the family dine with his huge longing eyes may be cute, but if the pet becomes accustomed to being rewarded by this type of behavior, it will soon become annoying. What’s more, it is unhealthy for the pet.

Teach your child that they should never feed the pet from their plates while they are eating. Like your family, your pet needs a well balanced diet and nutritious diet. Those little morsels of food that the kids may try to sneak from their plates to their waiting pet add up quickly and if it’s a regular routine could affect the health of the animal.

Let a Sick Animal Rest

Animals, like humans, have days when they are not feeling well. Teach the kids that if they think that their pet is having an off day they should leave it alone and let you know right away. Even the best trained pet can react differently if they are disturbed when they are uncomfortable.

Petting and fussing over the animal while it is trying to recover won’t make the animal feel better. It will approach you if it wants a comforting touch.

Common sense rules will usually be enough for a new pet to become socialized into the family. Of course, further pet training will be necessary as the new pet gets older, but the basic rules will serve to make the family and pet safe and happy until then.

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