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Family Pets

Helpful Training Tips For Family Pets

The kids have been clamoring for a pet and the single mom finally gives in, knowing that it will be a lot of extra work for her. While proper pet training of the new pet is an obvious requirement of the new responsible pet owners, some ‘training’ has to be directed toward the human member […]

How Healthy is Your Pudgy Puppy?

With all of the attention the single mom gives to a nutritious diet for the family, we don’t always realize that the family pet needs the same consideration. It takes more effort to raise a healthy pet than making sure he has fresh water and gets fed every day. Just as health problems arise when […]

Medical Costs for the Family Pet

Healthcare is expensive. There is a wide debate going on in the country about the best ways to go about making sure that people can receive affordable medical care for themselves and their families when it is needed. Even families with employer provided medical care insurance often struggle to meet the premium cost and the […]

Pets Don’t Live Forever

A family pet can mean companionship and love. A home with both children and pets can be a rewarding experience for the single mom as she sees the bonds grow between her child and the animal. The child learns responsibility while caring for the well chosen pet, and it seems to be a winning proposition […]

Bringing the New Puppy Home

Mom and the kids have finally decided to get a new puppy after weeks of researching what type of pet is best suited to their lifestyle and budget. Now it’s time to bring the new family member into the home and enjoy. The single mom knows it will change her schedule, but is prepared to […]

Deciding on a Pet

Pet ownership can be expensive, time consuming and labor intensive, but when the child asks for a pet, those are not arguments that the single mom can usually get away with using without a lot of continued pleading, arguing, and hurt feelings. There is a good chance that the single mom had a pet as […]