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Home Improvement Ideas

Saving Energy – And Money – Around the House

Going green is the new latest trend. It can save you money and it will also be good for the environment. There are many things that single mothers can do as well when it comes to going green and conserving energy around the house and the community. There are simple day to day changes that […]

Indoor Air Quality – What You Can Do to Improve It

One of the best home improvement tasks you can undertake to promote the health of your family is taking steps to improve indoor air quality. While some products designed for this purpose may be out of the single mom budget, you can make some small changes to make big improvements on your family’s health. The […]

Clogged Drain? Here’s How To Fix It

Calling the plumber for a clogged drain is a cost that you simply do not need to take on. Most of the time, unclogging drains is something the average mom can handle, even without a man in the home. By learning to take care of this small problem on your own, you can save many […]

Painting a Room on Your Own

Painting a room is one of the fastest ways to spruce up your space, particularly when you are doing your home improvements on a budget. It’s not hard either, once you know what you are doing. The first thing you will need is your supplies. Purchase a drop cloth, paint rollers, small brushes for corners […]

Home Improvements Made Affordable

One of the things that keeps single moms from making affordable home improvements is finances. After all, with just one income, you simply don’t have a lot of extra money to spend hiring someone to fix up your space. Here are some tips to consider for finding that money when making affordable home improvements around […]

Home Improvement Tips for the Single Mom

Owning your own home is liberating, particularly when you achieve the dream of homeownership as a single mom. Yet, there are some pitfalls to owning a home as a single mom, especially if you do not have a lot of experience in home repairs. No matter how good of condition your home was in when […]

Home Improvement Ideas – Easy and Cheap

When money is tight, home improvement is probably the last thing on the agenda. But making improvements to your home can work wonders on your attitude, and that confidence can spill over to other areas of your life. Your home is not just a roof over your head – it’s the place where you and […]