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Decorating on a Budget

Decorating Walls Can Make Them Look Like New With a Little Creativity

Major decorating changes can be achieved simply by changing the colors of the walls, and paint is usually the least expensive decorating tool in the single moms plan. The only problem is that not all landlords are willing to let the tenant paint a room, not even a single wall. This is often included in […]

Simple Redecorating With a Bookcase

Do you feel the need to redecorate but can’t find any money in your budget? Sometimes the single mom wants to change the look and feel of the home and needs more than just a cleaning, decluttering and coat of paint. As the kids grow their uses of space change. Take advantage of that and […]

Budget Friendly Summer Decorating Tips

A clean, uncluttered room gives the impression that it’s a lot cooler than a room that is heavily furnished and filled with large furniture. During the warmer seasons, the single mom is probably looking for decorating ideas that will be easy to take care of, make her family comfortable and invite them to spend time […]

Redecorate for Free? Just Rearrange!

Imagine giving your rooms a whole new look without spending a penny. For the single mom on a tight budget, this is the first trick she should try when she decides it’s time to redecorate. Simply rearranging the furniture can give a fresh and totally new look to any room. Decorate within your budget and […]

Decorating Tips Anyone Can Do

No matter how hectic a single moms life is or how tight the budget, she wants an attractive home that she can relax in to just enjoy her family. When it’s time for a change of décor, there is no reason to spend money that isn’t in the budget. Just a few simple and inexpensive […]