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Cleaning Tips

A Fresh Bathroom Takes only a Few Minutes a Day

  Kids are not the tidiest of people and the single mom knows that they are not always that they are not always dependable in cleaning up the messes that they make. This is most apparent in the bathroom. The tiny room can be left is disarray after every visit. You can keep your bathroom […]

Cleaning Tips for Kids’ Bedrooms

Whether you are the kind of mom who leaves the door shut and lets them fend for themselves or who keeps a tight reign over how tidy the kids must keep their rooms, the kids’ bedroom in your home is a job you will have to eventually tackle. There are certain messes and problems that […]

Natural Cleaners You Have in Your Home

If you are getting ready to clean and find that you are out of your favorite cleaning product, or if you are wanting to do your part to prevent your family from being exposed to excess chemicals, natural cleaners you have in your home may be the solution. You may even find that they are […]

Chores and Kids – How to Keep it Fun

As a single mom, you do not have another adult to help you with the chores around your home, so you have even more of a need to enlist your kids to help. Chores and kids are a great combination to teach responsibility, and in your home, this combination is necessity to keep things running […]

Cleaning Tasks You Shouldn’t Ignore

As a busy single mom, you often have to pick and choose what gets done, and cleaning may be last on your list most days. If you want to have the “always clean” house, here are some cleaning tasks that you need to put on the top of your priority list. Even if you ignore […]

House Cleaning Tips for Busy Single Moms

House cleaning tips can come in handy when you’re finding you have no time to clean the house. When you are balancing all of the bills, earning the money to pay those bills, taking care of your child’s  physical and emotional needs, not to mention the endless stream of laundry, keeping your house clean often […]

Save Money With Re-purposed Household Items

When money is very tight, sometimes even the simplest things are hard to come by — and as a single mom what do you do to save money? Creative re-purposing of household items is a great way to extend the life of the things you own, keep the materials from filling up your landfills, and […]