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Special Diets

How To Help Your Child Accept A Special Diet

It’s hard enough preparing special food for a child with a health condition that requires a special diet. It can often be expensive, and sometimes favorite foods have to be given up by the child. It’s always a worry that the child may inadvertently be given a food that will harm him. Planning a nutritious […]

Following the Diet for Juvenile Diabetes

Kids don’t like to be different, but kids with juvenile diabetes have specialized dietary needs. A single mom armed with information from the pediatrician and nutritionist can easily change her menu planning to promote healthy eating habits at her table. Most problems arise from the food the child eats outside of the home. Schools usually […]

Follow Nutrition Guidelines and Check for Hidden Sodium

Fresh green beans don’t contain salt. Neither do the frozen bags of green beans we buy at the supermarket. That’s why a lot of single moms are amazed to learn that a single cup of canned green beans can contain up to 700 mg of sodium. That’s quite a bit when you consider nutrition guidelines […]

Gluten Free Special Diet Tips

When someone in the family has to follow a special diet because of health reasons, the single mom will need to find time to not only research the risks involved with the reason for the diet, but also the added time spent in preparing the proper meals and shopping for special, often more expensive ingredients.  […]

Success Tips for Special Diets

One of the basic goals of parenting is to make sure mom can provide a healthy diet to her kids. With all of the other responsibilities of a single mom, planning and preparing a healthy diet is a task that is not only time consuming but can be expensive. It becomes more difficult as children […]