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Healthy Development Of Children

Regular Doctor Visits

It’s especially hard for a single mom to come up with the money to take her children in for regular doctor visits, but in the long run, well child office visits can help prevent costly treatments in the future. Not all health problems are visible. A regular doctor visit will keep a healthy child healthy. […]

Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Raising healthy kids isn’t hard. There are also no set rules as to what you have to do to raise healthy kids. There are however, a couple of guidelines that you can follow to make sure your children and staying healthy and fit. Usually when school starts and they get busy, it is important to […]

How to Find Cheap Health Insurance

These days health insurance is a tricky topic. With government stepping in and making changes it can be difficult to know what to expect. In the meantime if you are looking for cheap health insurance keep in mind that it can be a daunting task to compare rates and policies. There are several websites on […]

Yoga for Moms and Kids

What better way to stay in shape than to work out with your kids? Yoga is a low impact program that builds strength and flexibility. No matter what your age these are important parts of being healthy. Yoga also teaches control and the functions of different areas of the body. While many think of yoga […]

Healthy Life-Style

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important. Being a single mom you have so much to worry about and so many things coming at you all at once.  You have your children, house, and job to look after, from that you have bills, child’s school, and life stresses. You become so caught up in everything […]

Regular Dentist and Doctor Visits

Working is really important but there is no point of working for anything if you are not well. Single mom, so much of your time is taken up my work and kids that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself and stay available for your children’s appointments. Having regular doctor and dentist check-ups is […]

Allergies and the Introduction of Solid Food

If there is a history of food allergies in the family, can the single mom help her baby avoid the need of a special diet by introducing solid foods at an earlier age? The controversy goes on and parents trying to avoid special needs diets for their babies find that while studies indicate the timing […]

How To Help Your Child Accept A Special Diet

It’s hard enough preparing special food for a child with a health condition that requires a special diet. It can often be expensive, and sometimes favorite foods have to be given up by the child. It’s always a worry that the child may inadvertently be given a food that will harm him. Planning a nutritious […]

Fever Strategies: How to Bring Them Down

Fever is one of the ways that the body fights off an infection, and is usually not a reason for the single mom to panic. A rise in temperature is usually just a sign that something different is going on in the body. While most moms seem to shrug off a low fever and become […]

High Blood Pressure Problems Linked to TV and Computer Use

Your kids might be healthy and thriving right now, but their lifestyle, even as young children may be laying the groundwork for health problems later in life. As technology allows more children to be involved in health studies without using invasive testing measures, a clearer picture is becoming obvious. An active child is usually a […]

Following the Diet for Juvenile Diabetes

Kids don’t like to be different, but kids with juvenile diabetes have specialized dietary needs. A single mom armed with information from the pediatrician and nutritionist can easily change her menu planning to promote healthy eating habits at her table. Most problems arise from the food the child eats outside of the home. Schools usually […]