Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Halloween is coming around the corner. This is one holiday that is every child’s favorite because they get to go around colleting candy! Being a single mom, you may want to do something fun and exciting with your child and his or her friends. You don’t want him or her to sit home alone doing nothing. You want to have fun things throughout the day that build up to the best part of the night, Trick or treating. Now, not all mother are creative or know exactly what to do, do not worry you are not alone! Here are some suggestions for crafts you could do with all the children to keep them engaged and excited. How much you spend depends solely on you, you can spend as much as you’d like or as little as you’d like. These are merely suggestions you can use, there are easy to play around with and present if your way.

Paper plate Ghosts.

For this craft all you need is white paper, paper plates, scissors, glue, and markers. After giving each child each of the materials you can begin. First off, they can make any sort face they like with the markers (scary, funny goofy) they’d like. Then have them cut out two arms with the white piece of paper and glue it on the back of the plate. After, cut three of four rectangular strips of paper and glue them next to each other on the bottom of the face on the back of the plate.


There are a couple things you could do with this, you could hollow out the pumpkins for them and let them carve the face or let them draw on the face. Either way you need small fist size pumpkins, safe knifes, markers. Give each child and marker and let him or her draw any face they’d like, or give them a hollowed out pumpkin, knife and let them carve it themselves. If you are worried about safety it a safe to go with the marker drawing.

Paper Bats.

All you need for this craft is black construction paper, scissors, and white crayon. Outline a bat-like figure and give it to each child or you may have them draw it. Then have them cut it out and with the white crayon draw on the face and any detail they would like to add.

A Broomstick Bookmark.

You will need a wide crating popsicles sticks, scissors, marker, glue, string and black paper. Cut a small piece of paper into the following shape.

  Then cut thin strips on the wider end of the paper and glue it on to one end of the Popsicle stick. Afterwards tie a small piece of string on the thin spot. Lastly have the child write his or her name on the stick and you are done.

These were simple ideas, easily accessible supplies and easily made by children.


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