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Education Techniques

Active Learning

One of the techniques a single mom can use to help her child understand and retain the information that they are getting in the classroom is the Active Learning Technique. Instead of just listening to teacher teach during the day, or reading the materials that have been handed out, mom can help her little scholar […]

Learning Techniques of the Auditory Learner

Some kids are good at writing reports based on what they’ve read, but have a hard time recounting the information from a lecture. These kids are visual learners. The students who can give an accurate account what they’ve heard are auditory learners.  Neither of these learning techniques is right or wrong, but it’s important that […]

Reader Response Technique for Your Child

Proper reading skills involve a lot more than just being able to sound out words that are in a sentence. The whole reason for learning how to read is to gain something from the material read. This is true whether the writing is read to find a specific answer or when reading for entertainment. A […]

What do Standardized Tests Prove?

The education system uses standardized testing to measure not only school and teacher performance, but to rank students and make it easier to place the tested child in the proper grade level. Because it’s geared to identifying the norm, many parents and educators alike question the need for standardized testing. As any single mom knows, […]

The Unschooling Technique

Don’t let the name fool you. The unschooling technique is not an implied judgment of the public school system, structured teaching methods or textbooks and tests. It’s simply an education technique that uses natural learning through daily experiences to help children gain knowledge by following their interests. Most single moms already know that their child […]

What Motivates Your Child to Learn?

Parent and teachers use a lot of tricks and techniques to teach children throughout their development. There are many ways to approach a math problem. There are also many techniques to help your child develop reading skills. Single moms want to know how to motivate their child to learn new skills they need during their […]

Learning Techniques For The Visual Learner

Learning techniques are helpful because every child has a different learning style. Moms with more than one child may recognize that the teaching tips and techniques that they have mastered for the first born just don’t seem to work with the baby of the family. Don’t panic, mom. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your child […]