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Improve Reading Skills: Put It Into Context

Good readers often have a hard time understanding the book that they are reading. This is true even when the child understands each and every word that is in the book. This is because they don’t understand the context of the material they are reading. It often happens when the story is set in a […]

Find Age Appropriate Books for Your Child

When the single mom takes the kids to the public library, the choices of books available to be check out often makes it difficult to limit the selection to the number of books that will reasonably be read before they are due to be returned. Shopping for books to be given to kids also presents […]

When Reading Levels and Maturity Levels Differ

Moms know that an important part of improving their child’s reading ability is by having them read more. Reading to a young child is more likely to make the child want to read as they become older. Once they start to look forward to the trips to the library and the ability to choose their […]

Hearing Problems in Children

Most children learn to read in school and many single moms depend on communication with the teacher to alert them to the development of her child’s reading skills. But, there are several indicators during the pre-school years that can alert parents that their child is at risk for problems learning to read. If you recognize […]

Help Your Child Want to Read

Some kids look at reading as a magical opportunity to explore exciting places and new ideas while others consider it just another homework assignment that they must struggle through. A single mom who loves to read when she finally finds the time may be amazed when her child has no interest in reading a book […]

Reading Skills Of Your Children Shouldn’t Be Compared To Others

Many parents are overly concerned about comparing the child’s reading skills to other kids the same age. While reading skills benefit most areas of life, many children show aptitudes in other areas of reading besides just memorizing the words. Reading skill levels are based on classroom averages. It makes it easier for the schools to […]