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Homework Help for Kids

Helping Kids with Homework

As a single mother, there’s a good chance you’re busy from dawn to well past dark. However, there’s also a chance that you have a child who is struggling in at least one course. It can be hard to watch your children struggle with homework, but you might think that there’s no way to help. […]

The BIG Project

When the child brings home a big project as a homework assignment, it’s natural for the single mom to imagine a beautifully designed and constructed final presentation with all of the bells and whistles. But, unless it’s an art project, how well your child draws, cuts or glues paper together isn’t really the reason for […]

How to Help Your Child Work Independently on Homework

When getting the student to do his homework becomes a daily battle, maybe it’s not the homework. Maybe the problem is that the youngster doesn’t feel comfortable enough to work independently. Children are a lot like adults in that some work well independently while others work best in groups. The single mom can take a lot of […]

Homework: Does your Child Really Need so Much Help?

Some kids seem to need more help completing their homework than other kids do. For the busy single mom who is trying to complete her own tasks while the child sits and does his homework, the constant request for help may seem unreasonable. A lack of understanding of the task is not the only reason […]

How Do I Get My Child To Do Their Homework?

As a single mom you know you have a lot of hats to wear. Being the person in charge of making sure the school age kids do their homework is a responsibility you can’t take lightly. Just as the homework assignments change from class to class, the way to motivate the kids to complete the […]