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Educational Games

Educational Games

Educational Games are something that everyone loves to play and it’s even better when there is some learning involved. There are many educational games out there that are catered towards kids and parents for a better experience for kids. They have some simple learning and educational games that are perfect for family bonding time for […]

Video Games – More Than Just Entertainment?

What video games are your kids playing? They may be a lot more educational than you realize. Just because they are not promoted as an educational game doesn’t mean that the single mom has to worry that the kids are spending too much time with rubbish video games. Watch the screen as the child plays […]

Grocery Aisle Bingo

It’s hard to shop for groceries with a young child. You have to concentrate on getting all of the items on your list and stay within your budget. The single mom tries to figure out the most economical choices while still trying to keep her child from getting bored or disappearing down the next aisle. […]

Educational Board Games for Family Night

Educational board games might cost a lot of money, especially when compared to all of the online games available that help children learn. But, the single mom knows that too much time spent on the computer isn’t good for any child, and a game that the whole family can enjoy together will mean a lot […]

Memorize Multiplication Online-Free!

Memorizing the multiplication tables is boring for a child unless they have a fascination with math. But the memorization must be done in order for the child to move on to learn the math skills that will be needed in life. Luckily, the single mom can turn to the computer and find educational games that […]

Card Games: Inexpensive, Educational, Fun and Portable

Getting together to play cards is an activity many adults share among themselves as well as with their children. Adults consider it a pleasant pass time. Single moms see the cards as learning opportunities for their children. Educational games for children don’t have to be expensive. Nor do they have to be marked as educational […]