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Child Development

Being a Successful Single Parent Mom

You can be successful and be a single parent mom. It takes organization and planning to do it, but it can be done. Here are some tips to being a successful single parent mom. Make a Calendar As a mom you have to worry about what your children are doing and where they are doing. […]

Is School Curriculum Beyond Your Child’s Maturity Level?

Parents all have different ideas on the best ways to raise their children. The single mom knows that there are many parenting styles and she has to find the best approach for her children. The chosen parenting style may have a lot to do with maturity development and how they react to some of the […]

Your Child’s Creative Development – It’s a Journey!

Many parents don’t recognize the creative development of their children until they start showing it in the games they create, the pictures they draw or the stories they tell. A lot of single moms would be surprised to learn that even an infant is exhibiting creative development when they show signs of recognizing a person […]

Is Your Childs Physical Fitness Linked to Brain Development?

The goal of the single mom is to provide the best environment for her child to thrive physically and emotionally. Who knew that she could also influence the development of her child’s brain by encouraging and providing a healthy lifestyle? Most parents know that proper diet and exercise cause a child to perform better in […]

Turn Story Time into Learning Time

Reading books that have a positive impact on a child’s development can begin at an early age. What better place for a toddler or young child to learn about good habits and proper behavior than snuggled on moms lap during story time. Joy Berry writes several series of books that can help a single mom […]

Moms Values vs. Peer Pressure

As children grow they become more aware of how they are perceived by other kids their own age. Most kids don’t want to appear to be too much different from their friends, and will often request a change of wardrobe, hair style or even accessories that match the style of their friends. This type of […]

Getting Your Child To Talk

Infants and toddlers start communicating with words and once they start their capacity for learning new words grows very quickly up until about the age of five. The exact age at which the child starts exhibiting language development differs from child to child, so it’s not fair to make comparisons as to what exact age […]