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Education For Children

Helping Kids with Homework

As a single mother, there’s a good chance you’re busy from dawn to well past dark. However, there’s also a chance that you have a child who is struggling in at least one course. It can be hard to watch your children struggle with homework, but you might think that there’s no way to help. […]

Being a Successful Single Parent Mom

You can be successful and be a single parent mom. It takes organization and planning to do it, but it can be done. Here are some tips to being a successful single parent mom. Make a Calendar As a mom you have to worry about what your children are doing and where they are doing. […]

Educational Games

Educational Games are something that everyone loves to play and it’s even better when there is some learning involved. There are many educational games out there that are catered towards kids and parents for a better experience for kids. They have some simple learning and educational games that are perfect for family bonding time for […]

The BIG Project

When the child brings home a big project as a homework assignment, it’s natural for the single mom to imagine a beautifully designed and constructed final presentation with all of the bells and whistles. But, unless it’s an art project, how well your child draws, cuts or glues paper together isn’t really the reason for […]

Active Learning

One of the techniques a single mom can use to help her child understand and retain the information that they are getting in the classroom is the Active Learning Technique. Instead of just listening to teacher teach during the day, or reading the materials that have been handed out, mom can help her little scholar […]

Is School Curriculum Beyond Your Child’s Maturity Level?

Parents all have different ideas on the best ways to raise their children. The single mom knows that there are many parenting styles and she has to find the best approach for her children. The chosen parenting style may have a lot to do with maturity development and how they react to some of the […]

Improve Reading Skills: Put It Into Context

Good readers often have a hard time understanding the book that they are reading. This is true even when the child understands each and every word that is in the book. This is because they don’t understand the context of the material they are reading. It often happens when the story is set in a […]

How to Help Your Child Work Independently on Homework

When getting the student to do his homework becomes a daily battle, maybe it’s not the homework. Maybe the problem is that the youngster doesn’t feel comfortable enough to work independently. Children are a lot like adults in that some work well independently while others work best in groups. The single mom can take a lot of […]

Video Games – More Than Just Entertainment?

What video games are your kids playing? They may be a lot more educational than you realize. Just because they are not promoted as an educational game doesn’t mean that the single mom has to worry that the kids are spending too much time with rubbish video games. Watch the screen as the child plays […]

Learning Techniques of the Auditory Learner

Some kids are good at writing reports based on what they’ve read, but have a hard time recounting the information from a lecture. These kids are visual learners. The students who can give an accurate account what they’ve heard are auditory learners.  Neither of these learning techniques is right or wrong, but it’s important that […]

Find Age Appropriate Books for Your Child

When the single mom takes the kids to the public library, the choices of books available to be check out often makes it difficult to limit the selection to the number of books that will reasonably be read before they are due to be returned. Shopping for books to be given to kids also presents […]