Birthday Party Themes For Boys

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Being a single mom it can be hard getting creative for your son’s birthday. Party themes can be difficult to come up with even more difficult trying to arrange everything associated with the theme and doing so may get expensive. It’s not cheap buying a cake, eating supplies, costumes, decorations, etc and you want to be able to do all this stuff all the while pleasing your son and keeping him as well as his friends happy and satisfied. So here are some birthday themes for boys that you can get creative with in your own way. Some which may be altered with in the price range according to what you please.


As cliché as this sounds, this birthday theme remains’ a boys favorite. Think back to being young, who didn’t want to have super amazing powers like shooting fireballs out of your hand? It was every little boys dream and all he ever fantasized about. This theme would be perfect. You can pull out an old superhero Halloween costume to wear and everyone would be running around playing. You can get as creative as you can get with this theme or you can play it down as much as putting up superhero balloons.


All day you hear your little boys screaming “rawr” and playing, sometimes acting like a dinosaur. It is a simple idea. All you have to do is but a mask and dress him up in brown clothes and he will be transformed into a dinosaurs! You play games like dino-tag or basically any games… just add dino to the front to make it sound amusing to the kids.

Favorite Movie.

Every child has an unforgettable favorite movie that they can watch at least 100x in a row! The best part is that you can find a costume in the midst of your own home. During the party the kids can have a movie night where they are all dressed up as characters from the movie and they enact the sciences together.

Mighty Pirates.

Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate? The king of the sea, this theme is easy to play with in terms of coming up with activities to plan for the kids. You can have a voyage across the sea (a.k.a you pool, or fill up pool) where they can splash around until food time. Furthermore, you can have them act out little skits from their favorite pirate scene, or have a “pirate off.”

Decorations heavily depend on after spending money on all the food and supplies, how much you are willing to spend of the left amount. Decorations can get as crazy as having a replica of a superhero and crazy things everywhere like you are walking into wonderland, or it can be as simple as hanging a few balloons and streamers everywhere. Dress it up or dress it down however you choose.



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