Being a Single Parent Mother

Being a single parent mother is not considered taboo anymore like it was 40 years ago. Today it is quite common, however not always simple or wanted. Not everyone chooses to be a single mother. Some people do. Either way you look at it, being a parent with someone else is hard so being a single parent can be even harder. It is no less rewarding.

As a single parent mother you may find yourself wearing more than the typical “mom hats” that all mothers wear. You are more than the nurse, caregiver, nurturer, friend, taxi driver, and all the other things that moms are to their kids. You also have the “dad hats” to wear. You must be the enforcer of rules and the person who fixes things like an action figure’s broken leg. Even though most mothers take on the “dad hats” even when they are still with the father of their child, it is even more important for a single mother to do so.

Single parent mothers are often criticized for not having a father figure in their child’s life all of the time. Even though they may share custody with the biological father of the child, they usually have primary custody (although not always). People who still find being a single mother as taboo are often the ones who are giving the most criticism. This isn’t because they are trying to be hateful or mean. It’s because it was how they were raised. They were brought up to believe that a child has to have both parents in the home and that by not doing so you were being a bad parent. Even though this way of thinking is not necessarily true, it’s helpful to understand why certain people believe this. As a single mother, you not only have to raise your children, but you have to prove those who don’t think you can do it wrong.

Being a single parent has its rewards just like being a co-parent does. You have the opportunity to get to know your child, or children, and develop a bond with them like no other bond you’ve ever known. You have the chance to teach your children how to grow up strong and to be dependent upon themselves and not over dependent on others. As a single mother you will show them that asking for and receiving help makes you no less of a person. Pride and self worth will become important values in your child’s life as they learn from your abilities to take care of them and yourself.

Single mothers often find themselves depressed by their situation. They feel that they failed in some way. It’s important to remember that you have not failed. You’ve challenged yourself and it is up to you to take that challenge and face it head on. Being a single parent and a mother is one of the greatest challenges you will ever face, but with faith in yourself you can meet this challenge with a great amount of reward and success.



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