Babysitter Wars! Single Moms Need the World’s Best Babysitter

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by Denise on December 20, 2010 · 1 comment

in Childcare

It is the bane of single mothers everywhere: finding that perfect babysitter who not only takes good care of your kids, but enjoys being with them as well. Single moms who snag the best babysitters tend to guard them with everything they have. Ask a single mom for the name of her awesome babysitter and her eyes will narrow, she will take a step back, and she will think carefully about her choice of words – because you can bet she’s not going to give up that name for any amount of money.

How can you find a babysitter like that? Single moms do have little tricks for finding the best of the best among caregivers, and here are a few of the insider secrets:

  • Train them yourself. Is there a very responsible young person in the neighborhood who seems to have it all under control? Talk to them about the possibility of babysitting. If they have never done it before, you can train them yourself. Let them spend time with your kids. Ask them to have dinner with all of you, and take the time to walk through the house, getting them familiar with it. Spring to pay for a CPR certification, and do other things that increase their knowledge and make you feel more secure at the same time. That untried responsible young person can turn into a world class babysitter, and you’ve got them all to yourself!
  • Request the best. Go to the local high school and speak to the guidance counselor. Tell them about your situation, and explain that you want a high school student who not only can handle the big responsibility of taking care of your kids, but one who also needs the money for college. The guidance counselor will then be able to handpick a few teenagers who would love to take on the job.
  • Screen applicants carefully. Put ads up at the local college, hit up community message boards, and keep your eyes and ears open when you are running errands around town. When you find a potential person to handle your babysitting duties, screen them very carefully, including references. Make those calls, and ask lots of questions!
  • Consider other single mothers. Nobody knows how to handle the pressures of kids like a single parent. Other single moms in your community probably need the money that babysitting can provide, and since they have their own kids, they already have a kid-proof house. Your kid will have a built-in playmate, and you won’t have to worry about whether they are getting the proper snacks, attention, and the like. It’s a win/win for everybody!
  • Make a grandma smile. Consider hiring an older, very experienced lady – one who is a grandmother. The nest is very empty, and she might not get to see her grandchildren as much as she would like. She definitely has the know-how and patience to deal with your child, although you might run the risk of having a very spoiled kid by the time she’s through. However, that isn’t always a bad thing! Grandmas have a great reputation for a reason, so take advantage of it if you possibly can.

As a single mom, loading yourself with resources is the best way to find the best babysitter. Make sure to follow these tips for the best babysitter!

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As a mom to three girls Denise knows the difficulties of being a single parent. Denise has been working to help single moms across the country since 2007. In her free time Denise enjoys camping, riding four wheelers and just spending time with her family.

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Angie December 20, 2010 at 5:29 pm

I highly suggest that you spend time with your sitter before leaving them with your kids. Have him or her come over a few times before hand and see how she interacts with your kids. Then maybe after your kids have met her a few times, if they are old enough, ask them what they thought about her. Then you can always go from there.


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