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Parties For Children

Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Being a single mom it can be hard getting creative for your son’s birthday. Party themes can be difficult to come up with even more difficult trying to arrange everything associated with the theme and doing so may get expensive. It’s not cheap buying a cake, eating supplies, costumes, decorations, etc and you want to […]

Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

Planning Birthday Parties for girls, while staying on a budget, can be hard for single moms. However there are some budget friendly birthday party themes for girls. These are cute and adorable themes (and not to mention, with a pretty adorable budget). Here are some cute birthday party themes fit for your little girl: Aloha […]

Gross Birthday Parties for Boys

Let’s face it, as a single mom, you might not always ‘get’ your boys, but you do know that anything and everything gross and disgusting is appealing to them. Why not capitalize on this and plan a gross birthday party for your little guy? Here are some ideas to get you started. First, plan your […]

Sleepover Parties – How to Succeed

Sleepover parties can be both fun for your child and inexpensive for you. Because the kids have so much fun playing together and just ‘hanging out,” you have less planning to do. Also, by nature these parties allow for fewer guests, so the amount of food and supplies you need is far less. To make […]

Plan the Party at the Park This Year

If your kids have summer or spring birthdays or you live in an area where the weather is fairly warm year-round, one of the easiest ways to have a birthday party is to have it at the park. Your entertainment is built in and the cleanup is much easier, and you will be surprised at […]

Planning Your Child’s Birthday On a Budget

As a single mom, your financial resources are limited, yet you want to give your kids everything they would normally have in a two-parent household. When it comes to birthday parties, you can give them a great party without spending a fortune with a little careful planning and preparation. The first step is creating and […]

Birthday Parties On A Single Mom Budget

Birthday parties! Kids get so excited about a party just for them, they start planning and begging and dreaming long before the birthday month gets there. By the time their big day is almost over, they are already talking about the next birthday party and what cool things it might entail. It’s impossible not to […]