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Day Trip Activities

Beach Vacation for Toddlers

Going on a beach vacation with toddlers is no easy task, especially for single moms. However it is also not a task that is impossible. With the proper planning and still keeping a friendly budget in mind, you can still make this one of the best trips with your toddler, guaranteed! What should you take? […]

Camping With Kids

Looking for a fun and easy vacation destination or day trip with the kids? How about camping? Camping can be a wonderful place for you and kids. Camping is an especially good place to go when you are tight on a budget. The only major price that you must pay is the initial charge of […]

Plan A Family Day Trip to the Fire Station

The local firehouse is filled with heroes that children enjoy meeting, and a visit may be the highlight of your child’s week. Most fire departments enjoy showing off their equipment and the firefighters enjoy the fact that the admiring children will be awed by the equipment that they use in their daily job of keeping […]

Planning a Day Trip Isn’t Always About the Destination

Planning a day trip that’s fun for the whole family can be a challenge for the single mom. A lot of times, we are so interested in looking for destinations that are educational or will provide healthy activities, that we forget that a successful day trip is remembered because of the sheer joy of companionship […]

Find Local Activities for Day Trips

Sometime the best destination for a day trip is just down the road, but the single mom has never taken the time to recognize it. Single moms who are struggling for ideas on where to take her kids for a day trip are missing out on valuable resources that may be just under her nose. […]

Bicycling the Day Away

Exploring the local area on a bike can be a fun day trip for all ages. A smooth bike trail will allow the learner with training wheels to keep up and insure a smooth ride for the baby in the bike seat. A more rustic trail can be chosen for the older kids with sturdier […]

Picking Your Own Produce- Make A Day Of It!

Do your kids think that fruits and vegetables come from a grocery store? Maybe it’s time for a day trip to a local farm that offers customers the option of picking their own produce. The trip will provide fun and learning for the kids and at the same time give the single mom a chance […]

Free Attractions To Survive The Summer

Free attractions during the summer can be your best friend. Sooner or later the kids will get tired of playing in the back yard and start to fuss out of sheer boredom.  Break up the routine by planning fun activities or even a day trip. During the summer many family oriented places offer ‘free’ admission […]