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Craft Activities For Children

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is coming around the corner. This is one holiday that is every child’s favorite because they get to go around colleting candy! Being a single mom, you may want to do something fun and exciting with your child and his or her friends. You don’t want him or her to sit home alone doing […]

3 Fun and Festive Craft Ideas for Independence Day

There is no such thing as too much red, white and blue for an Independence Day celebration. Decorations for the home, both inside and out, table decorations and clothing can all be embellished by the kids in anticipation of the holiday and keep them occupied for days when they are given craft materials and freedom […]

Homemade Cookie Cutter Clay

Most kids love to be creative. Their talents may lie in different areas. While some can produce a masterpiece out of almost any substance they are given, others are better with the finishing touches and may need a bit of help with the basic shapes. Cookie cutters can be a big help to kids who […]

Homemade Eggshell Dyes

Dyed and decorated eggshells can be displayed at times other than Easter. Of course you don’t want to keep decorated hard boiled eggs around for a long time.  The trick is to use only the shells.  Once you blow the egg itself out of the shell, clean the shell and added drop a few drops […]

Craft Supply Checklist

Craft projects aren’t just for rainy days. Sometimes the artistic or creative inspiration just hits a child and they want to sit at the table and create. Be prepared for these times by having enough crafting materials available that will keep the child happy. The list is not meant to cover every item the child will dream […]

Homemade Jewelry Beads from Glossy Paper

Girls and boys alike can enjoy making homemade jewelry made from recycled paper goods.  While the imagination of many children goes to designing their own homemade jewelry when they think of beads, the colorful shapes of rolled paper can also be used to decorate other objects or be used to craft a book mark. If […]

5 Items For Successful Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to provide quality time for any single mom and the kids while letting them practice creativity. Make the time enjoyable and as stress free as possible with a little pre planning on your part. Crafting is a fun activity, and the following checklist can help keep it that […]